* Basic Skincare 101 *

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Is your skin feeling a bit drier this time of year? Or are you getting breakouts you wish you didn’t have? Winter tends to bring on skin problems due to change of seasons and extra stress.

Why stress? Homework, tests, projects, and all those things you didn’t have in the summer when you were out having a good time tend to bring extra stress to your skin causing you to break out. Blah!

Don’t worry! Here’s the scoop you need to get your skin back in shape:

1. Cleanse

2. Tone

3. Moisturize

4. Special treatments


Find a good soap or cleanser that is suited to your skin type. To determine the kind of skin you have, take a good look at your face as soon as you get up in the morning. Is it shiny, oily, or greasy feeling? Or is it taut and dry? Perhaps you are a mix of the two, and your forehead, nose and chin are oily, but your cheeks are dry. If this is the case, then you have a “combination” skin type. If you are the first type described, being shiny or oily all over, then you are considered “oily” and the taut and dry skin makes you, well, “dry”!

Make sure you wash your makeup off at night before you go to bed and first thing when you arise in the morning. This is key to healthy skin!


This is a critical part of your routine. Some cleansers have this built right into them, but for others, toner comes in another bottle. This is a clear liquid that you’ll use with a cotton ball and wipe over your face after you’ve washed and dried it. If you have combination or oily skin, then you’ll want your toner to have alcohol as an ingredient. For you dry gals, however, make sure your toner is alcohol-free.

Toner is like a rinse for your skin. I like to explain it as saying it’s like running your clothes thru the rinse cycle. Otherwise, when you don’t do this, your clothes come out all dry and hard. So will your face if you don’t use a toner. It’s an important step, so don’t forget to do it. It also will get off any traces of makeup that your cleanser didn’t get.


I know you oily girls are saying, “Oh no, not for me!” But, let me assure you, this is an important step for everyone. I’d recommend that each skin type get an oil-free moisturizer (unless you’re super dry) and put a few dabs on before you go to bed and before you apply your makeup.

This will keep your skin in tip-top shape!

*Special Treatments*:

Once a week, you may want to use a mask, like one of those I talked about two weeks ago. This will keep your skin glowing! Another really great product I like is called “Acne Treatment Gel.” There are many on the market, but my favorite one is by Mary Kay. Let me tell you, it rocks! As soon as you see a pimple coming on, dab on a little of this product directly to the pimple several times a day, and I promise you you’ll see it dry right up! It’s even my thirteen-year-old son’s favorite product! Please don’t tell him I told you that! He is quite the jock and he might not admit it if you asked him about it.

It’s so important to care for your skin. I’d also like to recommend that your cleanser, toner and moisturizer be the same brand. Don’t mix up those items as it could cause havoc to your skin. Special treatment products fall into a different category so you can change those up.

Don’t feel you have to spend lots of money on skincare, either. As long as you use the same brand, you can find great products at the local drugstore or Walmart. My faves include Neutrogena, Avon, Mary Kay’s Velocity and Clinique.

Here’s to your beautiful face!






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Oh my goodness! Thanks for your advice! I just got some Mary Kay products and they work really well!

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