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Encouragement = To inspire courage in, to inspire with confidence, to give support to

Who are you inspiring courage or confidence in? Who are you supporting? As followers of Christ we are called to encourage!

Hebrews 10:24-25, “Let us think of ways to motivate one another.… [And] encourage one another….” (NLT)

One of my favorite ways to encourage others is by writing notes: sharing strengths I see in them, shining light on God’s promises in the Bible, and letting them know I’m praying for them. It’s amazing how sharing the right Scripture at the right time and letting someone know you’re praying for them can work wonders in his or her life.

This past spring, a friend of mine was struggling with questions and doubts about God. My heart was burdened, so I prayed for him daily and anonymously put Scripture verses in his mailbox every day for 40 days. My prayer was that these verses would give him courage to face his doubts and fears and confidently turn to God for truth.

Who do you know who’s having a hard time and needs encouragement? Your friend or classmate? Your teacher or neighbor? Perhaps it’s someone you don’t feel like encouraging – like that person who hasn’t been very encouraging to you.

As Hebrews 10 reminds us, encouraging each other is SO important! When we encourage, we give each other an extra boost of support and courage to keep going.

I challenge you today to encourage someone else! Your encouragement and support might be the one thing that keeps that person holding on and looking up! Friend, you have much to give.

Do you have ideas or something you’ve done to encourage someone? If so, please share with us!

Love in Christ,



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