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Hey girls! Do you remember Shari’s Five B’s for dressing modestly from last fall? They were so great that we thought they were worth repeating! So, let’s have a quick review…

1. No BRA showing

This rule covers several points:

  1. First of all, make sure your straps don’t show. If you’re wearing a tank or sleeveless blouse they shouldn’t “slip” out from under the top.
  2. Next, if you’re wearing a white top, make sure your bra is either white or nude in color. Nothing is worse than seeing a girl’s bra through her clothes…yuck!
  3. Finally, make sure your armholes (in your blouse) are not too low so that an on-looker can see your bra from under your arm.

2. No BUST LINES bursting out

With all the low cut tops that are appearing in stores today, you have to be much more careful NOT to show your cleavage. It is better to layer with several tanks or T’s to make sure this doesn’t happen. I know it’s harder to accomplish for those of you who are more well-endowed than others, but it’s so worth the extra effort.

3. No BELLIES showing

Here’s Shari’s rule: Stand up where you are right now. Lift your arms in the air and go look in a mirror. Can you see your tummy? Is your tank too short? Now turn around. Bend over and see if your back is showing. Your belly and back should not be showing when you lift your arms in the air or when you bend over. If this happens, you’ll want to get a longer shirt, tuck yours in, or get a second tank to layer with.

4. No BOTTOM attention

Basically, you shouldn’t wear anything too tight on your bottom, that have any words on your bottom, or have any part of your bottom exposed.

5. No BUBBLING in your jeans

When your jeans are too tight, they will “bubble,” or wrinkle, on your legs in the back. Your jeans wrinkle too much in the back because they’re too tight.

No matter your size or shape, you should always want someone to look at all of you and not just certain parts of you. To do this, you should attempt to dress in styles that flatter your figure, not draw attention to parts of your figure.

Remember, guys are very visual, no matter what age they are. When they look at a girl and she is dressed with an extra emphasis on showing skin, his imagination can go wild. As a Christian, you have a responsibility not to cause another to sin, even if it’s in his thought life. Plus, guys respect girls who dress in a way that lets them know who she is on the inside.

Have a fashionable week!

~Your Rad Rev Fashion Team



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad to see this being addressed. I know too many girls and their moms who don't think that there is anything wrong with this!

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