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This may be hard for you to believe, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago that the movie Twilight even hit my radar screen. Since my three teenagers are boys, that probably explains a lot. After finding out that the story didn’t contain any car races, buildings being blown up, or gun fights, they lost interest.

But when a good friend and her 14-year-old daughter read them, and then attended the midnight showing of the movie a few weeks ago, I became interested.

While we were working off some Thanksgiving splurging on the gym treadmill, my friend gave me a rundown of the movie, and I was intrigued. I went home and told my pre-teen daughter about it, she was very interested in seeing it. For days, all she could talk about was Twilight.

So when we had some time a few weeks ago, my sister Liz and I took our daughters to see Twilight. Seeing the movie was fun, especially with all the squealing and cheering from females in the theater who obviously knew who and what the movie was about.

I can see why this book, and subsequently the movie, has struck a chord with young women. It is a story that in many ways parallels the amazing story of God's love. While it has no overt biblical message, it strums the strings God put in our hearts that He was meant to play. Twilight the book/movie speaks of an eternal being who loves a human girl so much that he sacrifices his desires to protect and save her. Now, I realize that's a great simplification of the story line, but hang in here with me.

What girl's heart doesn't long for that type of devotion? So many girls grow up seeking that type of adoration from boys, and become disillusioned when they discover the man of their dreams has flaws. Yet the dream for someone to love them deeply, truly and eternally, lives on in their hearts. That dream stays there, even if it gets buried under years of disappointments, rejection and pain. Sometimes it gets buried so deep that a woman forgets that she once longed for love. But it never goes away because God put it there.

What my daughters will learn is there is an Eternal Being who loved them so much that He sacrificed Himself to save them. And that even now, He stands on vigil to protect them, with an army of angels at His command. And that He adores them beyond measure. And that they can love Him back and live with Him eternally.

Instead of Twilight, I might name that story, The Bright Morning Star. Because that’s who it’s about: Jesus. The best news is that it’s not a fiction novel – it’s all true.

If you and your friends have read the books or seen the movie, this idea could be the makings of a great conversation. It could be a way to share your faith with friend. Especially at this time of year when people’s hearts are open to hearing the Good News about Jesus.

Glynnis Whitwer is a writer and speaker for Proverbs 31 Ministries and mom to Josh, Dylan, Robbie, Cathrine and Ruth. Glynnis and her family live in Glendale, Arizona.

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