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Have you shopped for a dress lately only to find one so low cut and short you won’t wear it? (Or your mom won’t let you?!)

We at RadRevolution are excited to share with you a great line of clothing we think you’ll love as much as we do. In fact, these clothes are going to be featured in many of the 2009 What Not to Wear Teen Edition Fashion Shows!

Divine Modestee has been in business for just a few years and is reaching a market that is virtually untouched…dresses and skirts that are modest. When Sandy from DM first contacted us, we weren’t sure if the styles would be trendy or fashionable enough. You see, even we have a twitch when it comes to the word modesty! We had to make sure they weren’t clothes that started at your neck and ended at your feet!

We know our fashion reading, fashion-loving girlfriends of all ages love clothes and you want to dress in the latest styles, right? Well now you can. Their prices won’t stretch your budget either!

Take a look at the link provided and comment below about which one is your favorite. You can even choose two or three as this will help us plan for the 2009 WNTW events! You can go through their entire website and get back to us here at RadRevolution. We appreciate your help so much and can’t wait to see what our fashionable readers have to say! Click here: www.divinemodestee.com

Beautiful blessings,

Shari Braendel


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