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If you're like me, you most likely got a few new articles of clothing for Christmas, and you may also have, as I do, an already overflowing closet full of clothes. Now, I may not have worn some of the pieces in my closet in well let's just say, “quite some time,” but regardless they are there and taking up space.

So, like me you may need to purge a few items or more from you current wardrobe to make room for the new items you received at Christmas. I know this is a chore that any girl in her right mind would not look forward to, but it must be done and it can be an opportunity for you to give to others, as well.

So, why not continue the season of giving a little longer by taking the time to wade through those shirts, jackets, skirts, jeans or other articles of clothing in your closet? Determine what you may not have worn in months or what no longer fits and remove those items, and then give them to a local charity that distributes these much needed items to those in need.

It is the perfect way for you to be a good steward of what you have, continue the season of giving, and give your closet some relief. After all, who wants to wade through all those too tight jeans to get to the ones that fit?

You will not only have an easier time getting dressed every morning, but you'll also know in your heart that you did something more: you gave back!




Blogger restored said...

you are exactly right, who wants to pass through the jeans that are too tight to get to the ones that fit!!
I appreciate your blog, I am a youth leader for the middle school girls at our church and have shared it with all of them! Keep up the great posts!

Anonymous Alyssa said...

Thanks restored... and thanks for reading.

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