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Hey fashionistas! Can you believe spring is right around the corner? I don’t know about you, but this time of year gets me so excited! Even though most of us live on modest budgets for clothes and beauty products, if you’re anything like me, you can hardly wait to get to the mall to see all the new stuff!

I’ve done a little pre-shopping for you, so grab a cup of your favorite java and settle in to find out what’s in.

Before we get started on the new trends, let’s consider what you already have.

Take an inventory of your closet by weeding through it. Be honest with what you’ve got in there and organize your things by hanging items together that are of the same type. For example, hang all your jeans together, then your other pants, tops (by color), dresses, skirts and so on. Go through your drawers and get rid of sweaters and t-shirts you don’t wear anymore. Bag these items and take to Goodwill or make plans for a spring yard sale. Try on all your clothes and make sure they still fit. In order to bring in new items, you must purge some old ones or you’ll have a big fat closet and you won’t even know what’s in there!

Now go through your accessories, socks, and shoes. Do the same with them so you know what you need. Sometimes I buy a new pair of flats when I should have bought a new pair of Chuck Taylors instead!

Okay, ready, set, shop!

All girls need a new pair of jeans, right? Find a pair that fits you perfectly and make sure they’re not too tight or too loose. A darker wash will help you appear slimmer and opt for a low to mid rise since the super low rise jeans can be so revealing. Besides, the super low rise style is out this season!

Next, add a pair of comfy shoes. If you’re a Converse tennis shoe kind of girl, get a pair in your favorite color, like bright yellow or pink! Keds has a new shoe out called Keds Green Label made of organic cotton and recycled rubber. For every pair sold, Keds will plant a tree in partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation.

If tennis shoes aren’t your thing, then select a pair of aviator or roman type sandals that are all the rage this season. Finally, in the shoe department, if you’re more of a high heeled gal, then choose a wedge for stylish walking.

Buying one new accessory? Then buy a new pair of hoops that have an ethnic edge to them. These can be gold or silver, with embellishments on them, whether they be scrolled edges or beading.

Add a pair of soft cotton pants to your already casual wardrobe. These pants are comfortable to wear, fit below the waist and you can find them in natural colors at The Gap, Target and Urban Outfitters. These cotton beauties will certainly become your fast faves! And they don’t break the bank, either!

Print blouses in silky fabrics or plain v-neck t-shirts in your beloved colors will go with these new cotton pants and your jeans. Simple dresses are all the rage, too, and are fig
ure flattering as well as very easy to wear. They look good on most body types, too!

I’m so excited about the fresh new styles for spring! They are simple and easy to wear, and I promise you’ll find yourself reaching for them over and over to put on. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Happy Spring beautiful girls!

Beautiful Blessings,





Anonymous Patience said...

I too love the fresh new styles for spring.!! Just got a cool dress from Urban Outfitters.

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