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Hey beautiful ladies! A few months ago, we talked about expressing your faith through jewelry (Click here to see the article). Today let’s talk about expressing your faith through your clothing, specifically shirts.

Christian shirts come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Styles include t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, and hoodies. Just as easily as you could pick up a shirt at a local department store that says “American Eagle” or “Hollister,” you could also get one that says “Reborn” or “Lifeguard: Mine Walks on Water” or…you name it. Or what about a shirt that advertises your favorite Christian band?

Wearing clothing that express your faith lets others know what you believe. It also serves as a great reminder to yourself of what you believe. So, not only is wearing one of these shirts with a statement a great way to share your faith with others, but it also holds you accountable to live what you believe.

There are a wide variety of Christian shirts available today. You just have to look for them. One place to look is at your local Christian store. Another place to look is online. Here are a few websites we came across with some pretty cool shirts:


How has God impacted your life? Why not let the world know by sporting a tee or hoodie that expresses who God is to you?

~Your Radical Revolution Fashion Team



Blogger Kerusso said...

Great entry on Christian T-shirts! Thanks for the mention of Kerusso and even more for encouraging others to sport t-shirts with messages that can have an eternal impact on the lives of people who read them.

Just yesterday we sent out a poll to over 15,000 of our customers and asked them how and why they use Christian t-shirts. Many responded to let us know of how they had started conversations about Christ and time and time again, how they had led someone to Christ as a result of the Holy Spirit using a t-shirt.

Bless you Radical Revolutionaries!

Chris Rainey
Vice President of Marketing

Blogger iownahonda said...

Isaiah 55:11- It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it.
This verse (to me) means that shirts that share the Word, will make a difference to somebody in a positive way. I am a proud wearer of Christian Tees! Thanks for encouraging others to do the same!!!

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