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Glance at yourself in a mirror. Do you see beautiful hair, a nice smile, good skin, and a cute girl? Or do you see the flaws that you think you have?

I want to take time in this week’s fashion and beauty column to remind you that God designed you exactly the way He wanted you. Now think about that a minute.
If God made you specifically in the body you are in, then why do you complain about it? Why do you think it should be different or better or shorter or taller?

Psalm 139:14, "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." (NIV)

You see, that’s the problem. We don’t know that full well. Seriously. When most of us look in the mirror and see ourselves, we don’t think we are wonderfully made…at all. We see every imperfection, every single zit, every greasy hair strand and our nose we wish was a different shape or size. And if we’re looking in a full length mirror, oh my! Then we see our belly that’s not as flat as we want it to be, our short (or long) legs, and those thighs that should be thinner if we had our way.

Each weekend I get to see hundreds of teen and pre-teen girls. I get to share with them how to dress cool without looking skanky (yes, that is a word!) and we get to discuss beauty in all its forms. Society has taken God’s idea of beauty and distorted it. We have been made to believe that beauty only comes in one size and color. That is so not true. Trust me on this. YOU are beauty. Your best friend is beauty. The girl that sits next to you in class is beauty.

Recently I was speaking in a small town in Michigan when I saw two teen girls in line for color analysis. They were absolutely beautiful, even by the world’s standards, except there was something unique about this pair of sisters.
They were in wheel chairs. When I inquired about why they were in the chairs, I was told they had been in a horrific car accident about seven years earlier and one was paralyzed from her waist down and the other was paralyzed from her chest down. Barring a miracle from our God, they will be in those wheel chairs the rest of their lives and will never be able to walk again. They can’t even get out of bed by themselves in the morning without help.

Were they beautiful? Amazingly so. Do you think the girls around them saw themselves differently than perhaps they did before they met these two? Probably. You see, we all have things about our bodies we don’t necessarily like. We wish we looked like the model on the cover of the magazine, but most of us don’t.

Try something different today. Look in the mirror and SEE yourself for the first time in a new way. Thank God for making you the way He did. Say out loud, “Thanks God for making me cute!” Even if you don’t yet believe it, keep saying it.

We would all like to trade places with someone else. You can bet those two sisters would like to have your legs. But I promise, God allowed them to lose the use of them for a purpose way beyond what you and I can even fathom or imagine. Now, if only they will believe that.

Will you believe that you are beautiful and made for a purpose way beyond what you can even imagine? I pray you do.

Fashionable Blessings,
Shari Braendel



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