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Since summer’s right around the corner I thought I’d bring up the subject of that beautiful mug you glance at each and every day in the mirror. I’ll bet you don’t stand around thinking about how cute you are. Instead you probably focus on all the stuff you don’t like, right?

I want you to do something right now that you may not have ever done before. Go stand in front of the mirror and find 3 things you really like about your face. Yep, I mean it! Do you have soft skin, pretty blue eyes, or nicely shaped lips?
What about your hair? Is it a nice color, in good condition, or do you like the way it’s cut? Have you ever noticed the shape of your face before? Is it formed nicely?

Here’s the thing girls. We are usually so attuned to the things we don’t like that we never notice the things we do like.

I want you to start taking a new perspective on the way you look. Every night before you go to bed, thank God for making you the way He did. He knew what kind of hair he wanted you to have and He knew the color skin that was best for you. Stop comparing yourself to magazine models who are air brushed anyway, because that’s not reality.

Go to a makeup counter and see the new colors that are out and ask if the consultant will give you a makeover. If you would rather, go purchase a few new eyeshadows and lipglosses from the drugstore and ask a friend to come over for a sleepover and give each other makeovers! Make a vow to compliment someone new every day, whether you know her or not, on her physical beauty. Everyone is beautiful. We just don’t always go looking for it because we’re so concerned about ourselves.

Try styling your hair with a flat iron or curling iron. If you have no idea how to do that, practice on your friend’s hair and then let her try something new on yours!

Face the fact that you are who you are, God made your face and hair the way He wants them, and you are so very cute! Buy a teen fashion magazine and look at the new styles for summer (or look at the previous fashion posts on this website and get some ideas on what’s coming up!) Have fun being a girl and face it, you’re amazing!

Beautiful Blessings,
Shari Braendel




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