A Lost Art Form - The Handwritten Note

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A handwritten note is something you do not see as often today as you did a generation or two ago. You are a part of an electronic generation. From text messages to email to Facebook, you likely receive and send a lot of messages on a daily basis. Are you sending messages that matter though? Have you thought of the impact you could make on someone in your life if you took the time to sit down and write that person a handwritten message – a short note to say thank you, to encourage that person, or to say that you're praying for him or her?

Our generation knows nothing but “technology.” We have grown up with it all around us, but the generation before ours and the one before that are accustomed to pen and paper, to the tangible, handwritten note that they can physically open up and read again and again.

Think about a time in your life when you received a handwritten note with words of encouragement or appreciation. What did that mean to you?

If there is someone in you in your life that has impacted you or blessed you in some way, why not send them a note today? Maybe they serve as a mentor or inspiration in your life, maybe they come to every ballgame or ballet performance to cheer you on, maybe they cook you dinner every night, maybe they sent you a gift on your birthday, maybe they just listen when you need to talk. No matter who they are, they care. And because they care about you, it would mean the world to them for you to acknowledge what they have done and show that you are grateful.

It is nice to write notes to those you are thinking about and praying for also, especially those who are going through a hard time. You could even write a prayer or some Scriptures in the note. You never know what your words of encouragement might mean to someone.

God can use you in a powerful way to impact someone’s life through a handwritten note, whether it is to say thank you or to encourage him or her. And you just might find that you enjoy it as much as the recipient will.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi girlfriends,,
i think people who are always saying nice things to people..
you know complementing them,,
it is possible that they may have a spiritual gift called.."encouragement,exhortation"
for these ones they love to send notes in the mail..as gods holy spirit prompts them to..even so..it's still hard for us humans as we have to make the effort to "do" it..i write these kinda notes in my hard to read scrall and it blesses people's soxs' off !!! and most of the x i forget that i've sent them let alone what i've sais and to me that's gods handwriting thru little me....:)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow that's awesome.

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