Honoring Your Mom This Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday, May 10. Have you figured out what you’re going to do for your mom this Mother’s Day? If you need some ideas, this article is for you!

There are tons of ways to honor your mom or a special woman who’s like a mom to you, and show her how much you love her. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. It can be a simple card with just a few sentences that tell her what you love and appreciate about her. Or it can be something that takes more planning and thought, like a day of serving her or a hand-made poem or painting.

We asked a few moms what they would love to receive for Mother’s Day and here’s what they said:


“The best gift I could receive for Mother’s Day is spending time with my children.” – Karen

Just being together. The little notes they write me. The songs they have sung. Meals that they prepare (tasty or not).” – Tammy

“If my older daughter would offer to spend one day with me shopping, going to lunch, and just hanging out.” – Wendy

A mother/daughter weekend – sometimes just committing to spending time together can mean more than a gift from a store.” – Tracie


“Put a poem together [for me].” – Laurie

“I love the hand-made cards. It means a lot to me that my children take time to draw a picture and the thoughts they share are always so meaningful…I also appreciate the ones they buy. It seems they find the perfect card and it means a lot to me that they take time to do that.” – Karen

“Get a pretty vase or jar that has an opening that can be reached into. Gather scissors and some paper - plain white or pastel-colored would be nice. [Copy and paste] from your computer, or [handwrite] 365 short thoughts or quotes to go into the jar. Write one encouraging thought for each day of the year to place inside. Consider doing a mixture of computer printed and hand-written sayings. Include Bible verses, favorite quotes, inspirational sayings, expressions of personal gratitude, and precious memories…Once you've got all the sayings ready, print and cut each quote into its own individual rectangle. Fold once in half, place in the jar, and continue until you have a full year of sayings that will say to her, ‘I love you, mom!’" – Rachel


“A meal that I don't have to cook.” – Laurie

“A card filled with hand-made coupons...’will empty dishwasher without complaining,’ ‘one free car wash,’ ‘I will babysit for my brother one night while you and dad go out,’ etc.” – Wendy

“A homemade ‘gift certificate’ for something special [you will] do…[like] clean the house” – Renee

Letting me serve her during this independent season of her life.” – Lissa


“A basket from Bath and Body Works with lotion, bubble bath, etc.” – Wendy

Pictures of their fondest memories and a little note under the picture, explaining why they love these moments.” – Tammy

“A gift basket full of items you know she is interested in: like a spa basket; or a basket with coffee cups with Bible verses, flavored coffees or teas; a basket of scented candles and bath salts; or a basket of gardening tools.” – Renee

“A mini scrapbook or photo book.” – LeAnn

…AND OF COURSE…A great big hug!

We would love to hear your ideas!! What are you going to do for your mom or the woman who is like a mom to you this Mother’s Day??

Have a great time celebrating your mom!!

~ Your Radical Revolution Team

**If you would like to treat your mom (or that special woman who’s like a mom to you) to a YUMMY and tasty treat, come back on Thursday. We’ll be posting an awesome and VERY easy recipe!!**



Blogger LeAnn said...

Awesome ideas!

Anonymous christi said...

wow...these are some great ideas. thanks for sharing them! i think i might clean the house and cook a meal for my mom. i also like the jar idea with 365 quotes & Bible verses. that's pretty cool! :o)

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