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Are you looking for a super cute way to look fashionable this summer? Maxi dresses are this season’s answer to looking pretty and trendy at the same time!

These dresses are all the rage! No matter where you go, you will see these brightly patterned dresses displayed. Whether you are at the mall, in a department store, or flipping through a fashion magazine, these long flowy dresses are on every mannequin, model, and teenage fashionista.

Where should you go? Because these dresses can be very expensive, do your homework. Look around at the mall at the variety of styles and then head to stores like Target, Walmart, or Forever 21 to find ones that will be very similar but a lot less money. Keep in mind these dresses are a trend item, meaning they most likely won’t be in style next summer, so you don’t want to spend your entire allowance on one. Instead, buy one or two that do not cost as much and then you can wear them more often without feeling like you’re wearing the same one all the time.

A warning, though: be careful of the low cut necklines on most of these dresses. Look for a dress that is cut a little bit higher on the chest or add a cute sweater or wrap with it.

Look for prints that flatter your figure! Remember, bigger girls, wear mid-size to larger prints; smaller girls, go for petite prints. Find colors that look great on you and don’t settle for a color that doesn’t. Keep looking until you do!

Next, add a bold necklace and some colorful bangles with your maxi. Hoop earrings look terrific with these dresses so make sure you don’t head out accessory-less!

Finally, add a colorful wedge sandal to complete your look. You can try an espadrille (a wedge that has a tie that wraps around your ankle) or a metallic slip on wedge, one with a funky heel.

Make sure you wear the proper undergarments with these dresses, though. You may have to don a strapless bra or even wear a slip so we don’t see through! You might even try a pair of bike shorts underneath that are skin color (you can get these in the underwear department) to conceal what needs concealing.

Girls, have fun with these dresses! Wear your hair straight back with a head band or go curly. Whatever your style, you will find a maxi dress to suit you!

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Anonymous Aiyana said...

So pretty prints of those maxi dresses... I got new dress for summers from Target...

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