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A smile is a seemingly simple thing. But it’s not. A single smile can brighten someone’s day. Isn’t that our job as Christians: bringing joy into people’s lives? Yes! After all, everyone knows that a clean smile is the ultimate fashion accessory.

But when you have braces, cleaning your teeth gets a lot harder. As if the temporary discomfort of braces isn’t enough, food gets stuck in braces and doesn’t want to come out (which can be especially embarrassing if you’ve been eating greens).

There are many different ways to keep your braces clean; below are a couple tips:


  • Brush your teeth. You may be dragging from your exhausting day, but you should at least brush your teeth twice a day.

  • Brush over each tooth in a circular pattern.

  • Make sure your toothbrush reaches under the braces’ wires to dislodge any food underneath.

  • Rinse. You can buy all sorts of special antibacterial mouth washes. It’s best to rinse your mouth with a mouth wash after brushing your teeth.

  • Okay – what happens when you’re eating out? Good question. First: select your meal carefully. Instead of choosing the extra-sticky cheesy item, maybe you could select soup. Second: take advantage of any toothpicks provided. (Preferably in the bathroom so you don’t gross out your family!) Third: Rinse out your mouth with water in the bathroom. Fourth: Relax. When you’re eating out, you’re meant to enjoy yourself – please do!

  • Waterpik. This device is a godsend to me. It is a somewhat-cylindrically shaped device with a spout at the top. Once you fill the back with water and press the on button, water shoots out and cleans your teeth. The Waterpik was designed to keep your gums clean, but it does wonders for removing food from braces!

  • Don’t forget to check your smile before any event, whether you’re meeting the president or simply heading for church.


  • Eat messy, sticky food.

  • Gum is an orthodontist’s nightmare! (You can imagine why!) If you absolutely must chew gum . . . you should know that sugar free gum doesn’t stick to braces, although it just might get stuck under them!

  • Neglect cleaning your teeth. If your family is complaining that you’ve got bad breath, you probably need to work a little harder to clean your teeth!

If you’ve got braces, I hope this list of Do’s and Don’ts has helped you. The Bible says: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Who’s your neighbor? Everyone you meet! And what better way to love your neighbor than to brighten their day with your beautiful, clean smile?

~Esther Grace


Esther Grace's Bio

Esther Grace is a godly teenager just like you. She loves singing in choir. Arguing in Debate Club. Helping the church any possible way. Knitting teddies. Listening to music. Reading. Encouraging friends. Tickling the ivories (i.e. playing the piano).

Most importantly, Esther longs for a radical revolution to sweep through today’s world. But that’s not going to happen on its own. So she is resolved to stand firm amidst the storm; to speak the truth no matter what; to live for Christ.



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