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Recently my mom and I were browsing a local boutique when we discovered a great little shoe for summer called SwitchFlops. They are a traditional flip flop with a twist. The interchangeable straps on this flip flop allow you to alter your look at any time, giving you the ability to move from a casual to a formal look in seconds. Because the shoes and straps take up very little space, and because you can match them to virtually any outfit, these are great to take along on vacation.

The genius behind this clever shoe is Lindsay Phillips. A high school art project - ceramic flip flops - gave Ms. Phillips the inspiration to design a functional flip flop with colorful straps. After a time she realized that by using Velcro she could create one shoe with multiple straps. Ms. Phillips applied for a patent on her idea before even graduating high school! In 2004 the patent was granted. With the help of her mom she started her business and found a manufacturer. SwitchFlops made their debut at a Trade Show in 2007. The SwitchFlop business has enjoyed great success ever since.

Lindsay Phillips’ story can be an encouragement to young Christians. Her experience reminds us that God gives young people amazing gifts and talents. He works through us no matter our age. How is He working in your life? What creative ideas has He given you? In what ways is He prompting you? We don’t have to wait until we are adults to do big things (i.e. God things!).

A motivating story. A great shoe. May you be inspired from head to toe.

To find a retailer near you visit www.switchflops.com.

~Kaley Scott


Kaley's Bio

Kaley, the oldest of eight children, is a Navy Brat, high school senior and loves all things fashion and beauty related. In addition to her passion for fashion and beauty, Kaley loves music, the outdoors, traveling, cooking, and surrounding herself with family and friends. Kaley has a deep love for the Lord and desires to share His truth with others.



Blogger Wendy said...

Haley - What a beautiful article. God is so good, and we can find Him at work everywhere we look!! Thanks for reminding us that He IS at work in us and thru us no matter how old we are.

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