* Where Should My Necklace Land? *

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I was talking to a teen girl today when I couldn’t help but notice her necklace. I’m sure it was a nice necklace but unfortunately I couldn’t see the pendant. Why, you ask? Because it was hanging inside her cleavage that was peeking out from under that cute top of hers!

You may have never thought about this before, but where your necklace lands is a big deal.

Making sure your necklace lands at the appropriate place won’t take a lot of time, but it will make all the difference in where others glance when they look at you. You see, if your necklace ends up inside your bust line or cleavage, then the reason for wearing that necklace (to enhance your outfit) just lost its bang. What happens now is that instead of us seeing a cute piece of jewelry, we end up looking at your breasts! I’m not kidding! Jewelry of any kind is worn to spruce up an outfit, but when worn the wrong way, it will do just the opposite.

If you are big busted then be careful when wearing long necklaces as they may not fall straight but instead fall over the top of your bust line and just hang in the air…again, not a good thing.

Guys are wired a bit differently than girls (No kidding, right?). Well, when a guy looks at you and sees your necklace that has slipped inside your top and half of it is peeking out, a guy wonders to himself, “Hmmm, I wonder what’s down there…” A teen boy’s brain is in overactive mode when it comes to girls. We have to be so careful not to trip up a guy in his thought process, thus leading him to have impure thoughts.

The next time you get dressed and want to don a necklace, check yourself out in a mirror and make sure that it isn’t slipping inside your top. Make sure it lands either above or below the edge of your blouse so there’s no accident of the pendant falling inside your top.

A guy shouldn’t have to worry that when he looks at you, his mind may travel elsewhere. Do your guy friends a favor by respecting them and dress so you don’t trip them up. Who knew that a necklace could do that?!

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