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This weekend I had the opportunity to go to the beach and spend some time relaxing and watching my son play in a basketball showcase tournament. The games were spread out over a few days so that meant lots of downtime for my husband and me to sit on our beach chairs and take in some sunshine.

You know how it goes. You’re sitting there taking in all the sights, watching young children play with their sand toys, glancing at boys throwing a football to each other and…oh my goodness, getting to see how everyone’s swimsuit looks on them. Oh, you don’t do that? Well, maybe it’s just me, but since I’m in the fashion biz I just can’t seem to help it.

When we weren’t at the beach, we were strolling down streets looking for neat outdoor restaurants to have lunch at or we were in a smelly, sweaty gymnasium watching teenage boys play basketball.

All in all, I had many opportunities to see how girls are dressing these days.
And I just gotta say…WHAT’S WITH ALL THE BRA STRAPS?

Seriously girls, what are you thinking? And wait a minute, it’s not just teenage girls, but it’s girls who are even younger AND its women who should know better. Just because it’s in style, doesn’t make it right. Did you hear me? I’ll say it again.

Just because it’s in style, doesn’t make it right.

There was a young dark skinned gal sitting in front of me at one of the ball games. She had on a black tank top with her white bra straps boldly screaming out, “look at me, look at me”! And then there was the mom of one of the players on the other team. She had on a bright blue bra with a light tan, almost see through shirt. (At least she had on a bra that day, because the next day, she decided not to wear one at all. And she wasn’t small chested, either.) Young, old, and in between, I saw more bra straps this weekend than I cared to.

Can I just ask you to pleeeeease look in the mirror from all directions before you leave the house today? If you need to put on a strapless bra to wear with that dress or top, then please do that. If you don’t own a strapless bra, then run, don’t walk, to the nearest store to get one. I also want to remind you that camisole straps LOOK like bra straps, and they aren’t appropriate either.

So girl, set the standard for dressing appropriately. Take the time today to notice what others are wearing and see how many bra straps you see that you shouldn’t. I’d love for you to comment back here and tell me your finds. It’ll be nice to know I’m not the only one who notices these things. And for now, just say NO…to bra straps peeking out of your clothes. It’s just not pretty, at all.

Beautiful Blessings,
Shari Braendel




Blogger God's Gal said...

THANK YOU for this post!!! bra straps are quite annoying, and it's VERY true, just because it's in style, doesn't mean it's ok! you're not alone, i notice it too!!!
God's Gal

Anonymous Claire said...

A very good post Shari and what you say agrees with what I have been taught - bra straps are part of your underwear and should be hidden. I ensure my bra is hidden at all times - usually by wearing opaque blouses but with more sheer blouses I wear a full slip underneath or use a bra with clear straps. And of course the blouse must not be tight enough that the back clasp of the bra is visible.
God bless,
Claire x

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