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Finally! You’ve arrived at the pool! You can hardly wait to dive into that cool azure water…Oh – you have to change first. Your swimsuit. You eye your new bikini you brought. Sure, it’s at the height of fashion, but it suddenly strikes you that it looks exactly like your underwear.

Swimming doesn’t sound quite so appealing anymore. You glance at your older brother and his friends splashing in the pool; an embarrassed blush creeps up your cheeks.

“Oh, hi!” shouts a voice near you. You realize you were looking at the concrete. You wave hello to your friend. “Hi.”

She flips her long blonde hair out of her face. “Y’okay?”

“Yeah, thanks. I just . . .” your gaze falls back to the bikini lying limply in your hands.

“Oh, so it’s that.” She laughs. “I’ve got a solution for you. Notice anything new?” she twirls around. You see she’s wearing what you think is a swimsuit: a short sleeved hot pink swim shirt and shorts.

“Cool! I like the pink!” you say.

“Me too! It’s a hot new fashion – inspired by the ‘Aussie surfer girl’ look. You don’t have to put on so much sunscreen or worry about what happens when you dive and show off your handstands!” she giggles, “And it’s pretty!”

“Sure thing. I really like it! It’s so...so...”

“Awesome!” another friend finishes for you. He’s dripping wet with a humongous grin on his cheerful face. He looks at your friend. “Yep. You look great.” He flashes a look at you, then back to your friend. “It’s – um – it covers you.” His expression turns bashful. “I mean you look nice.” He takes a running jump into the pool.

1 Timothy 2:8 -10, “I desire then that . . . likewise also . . . women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control . . . with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.” (ESV)

Your friend smiles. She continues, “What were we talking about? Oh yes. Mom picked up my swimsuit from this website: Roxy.com. She never liked my bikini and my birthday was coming up, anyway. Dad wanted to get a cheaper swimsuit from Lands’ End, L.L. Bean, or Target. But Mom said it was my birthday, and why not? So Dad had to say yes.”

You sigh with relief and drop your bikini back into your beach bag. “Hey, let’s go shopping!”

Websites to check out:

Have fun being beautiful and modest! And don’t forget the sunscreen!

~ Esther Grace



Anonymous Anna Kate said...

Congratulations on being published again!!

Anna Kate

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job - looks like that took some hard work!! We love reading your stories and can't wait to see your next one!

Blogger jillian-linnea said...

I passed this website onto the girls at my churches youth group. I hope they get to read today's msg as tomorrow is their youth beach day!

Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your story is well written and beautifully said. Our sons would agree with the feelings of the young man in your story! :)

May the Lord use your story to encourage many!

Anonymous Esteria : ) said...

Good job!
Still, I just wanted to say that I have often found surfing swimsuits bad as well, because when you're swimming they often flip up, which can be awkward while underwater. :)
I find that just regular swimsuits, the kind that you would wear for a swim team, are the best. But bikinis, now THAT's going TOO far.

Blogger Keith said...

Well written - we note that your Aussie ancestry has had an influence.

Love - The Whites

Anonymous Lindsey said...

That's really cool! The swimsuit idea sounds neat. A wetsuit would do the trick too. That's great that you got published again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Esther! I love how your writing promotes good principles...plus it's really technically sound! Recently I have been buying my swimsuits from Target. In the athletic wear section they have lots of jogging and excersizing tops and golf skirts and stuff that are the right material for bathing suits! No one would ever know your suit isn't really a bathing suit. Plus, it's modest and you don't feel like you're showing everything. Again, great work!


Anonymous Lorena said...

Thanks for those links!! I'm pretty impressed with Lands End swimsuits collection!!

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