"Trusting God in the Impossible"

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By: Mary Geer

Luke 18:27, “Jesus replied, 'What is impossible with men is possible with God.'" (NIV)

Do you have a situation you are facing that just seems completely impossible? Maybe school’s out for the summer and you don’t know what to do with your time, or you’re looking for a part time job but everything seems to already be taken. You would love to spend the summer at the beach with friends, but your parents are saying no! You and your boyfriend have been “experimenting” and you got pregnant!

Well, I know a lot about impossible situations! When I was 19 years old, I was in a car accident that left me completely paralyzed. I didn’t move! All I could do was lie on my back, breathe and blink my eyes once for yes and twice for no.

As I faced my impossible situation of even trying to move, live, or ever speak again on my own, I was filled with an incredible peace – peace that can only come from God. I spent 81 days in the hospital and months in therapy.

Throughout my recovery I continued to have His peace surround me. Nothing bothered me. I knew that I would live a full and complete life, and God is faithful! As I trusted Him He took care of every need I had. Now, I’m not saying it was an easy road. It wasn’t! There was a lot of work on my part. However, through it all, I knew God was with me, providing for me and healing my body.

God is all-knowing and all-powerful. Nothing takes Him by surprise! He’s the beginning and the end. He sees all. There is nothing going on in your life that He doesn’t know about, so why not trust Him in the midst of it? All you have to do is open up your heart and mind and ask Him to take over. He will lead you, guide you and protect you when you trust in Him!


Lord, You know the situation I am faced with and I ask that You come in and take over. Help me to put my trust in You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Think About It:

What situations am I currently facing that I need to completely turn over to God?

How can I encourage others to trust more in God when they are faced with an impossible situation?

Live It:

When you are hit with a tough situation, where do you run? Who do you turn to first? Next time you find yourself in that place, make a choice to run to Jesus first!

Power Verses:

Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

Jeremiah 32:27, “I am the Lord, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?” (NLT)

© 2009 by Mary Geer. All rights reserved.


Tell Us About It:

Have you had a situation in your life when only Jesus was the answer? Please tell us about it!

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