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Sometimes the mirror is just not my friend. Seriously. On many days, I will glare at my reflection and wonder how those extra pounds appeared on my belly or how my hair ended up looking like it went through a hurricane when I spent the last fifteen minutes trying to blow dry it into place and wonder why I even bothered.

School is looming (or has already started for you) and maybe you are the girl who feels like you’ve gained a few extra pounds this summer. Or maybe you’re in the season of puberty and your middle just doesn’t look as flat as your best friend’s mid-section. Or maybe your family doesn’t have the money to buy you new clothes. Whatever the reason for you, I’m here to tell you not to fret. Please.

Our bodies are all different and no one is alike, not even twins or triplets. They may look similar, especially identical ones, but there is always something that gives them unique qualities and characteristics. You see, here’s the thing, you are beautiful exactly as you are. You are special and have a beauty that is unsurpassed in the eyes of God.

Just because you have a little extra fluffiness or you don’t dress the way the other girls do doesn’t mean that you aren’t pretty or cute. You ARE! Embrace the realization that it would be extremely boring if we all looked alike. Decide that you are going to like who you are, who God made you to be and work on being happy about that. Spend some extra time asking God what He would like you to do differently this year. Does He want you to be nice to a girl who feels invisible? Is He asking you to make some new friends? How about reaching out to a new student even though she may not look like your kind of typical friend? Being nice to her might be all she needs to feel comfortable in her new school.

I spoke at a teen conference this past weekend and had the opportunity to chat with a girl during the break. With tears streaming down her cheeks, she told me how scared she is to start at a new school this week because she hasn’t ever been part of the “in” crowd and honestly, she didn’t have any friends. She doesn’t dress the way the popular or “girlie girls” do (her words). She’s a tomboy and likes to wear casual, loose clothes and I told her that’s okay. It’s okay to embrace the way God made each of you. But my heart still breaks for her as I think about her walking through the doors of her new school and no one talking to her because of the way she dresses. Oh my goodness dear teen friends, will you reach out to someone who isn’t like you? Will you be Jesus to someone who is dying inside?

And if YOU are the one who doesn’t look like the popular girls because you have a little extra weight in your middle or you don’t dress like they do, will you believe me when I tell you Jesus loves you exactly as you are? “The King is enthralled with your beauty” (Psalm 45:11, NIV). He really is.

Beautiful Blessings,
Shari Braendel




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