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In church a few weeks ago our pastor talked about how God works in you through circumstances, his Word, and people. I have mostly been affected by the people I have met.

A woman by the name of Caryse Harrell made a huge impact on my life. She started a group called Beautiful Girls and invited me to come and try it out. It was spectacular the conversations and lessons we had in this group. Everyone was so open to hear about God’s Word and share their experiences. We were taught how to make ourselves more beautiful in God’s eyes. I also knew this woman as a friend. I was in middle school at the time. I would often have an issue that I couldn't figure out on my own so I would talk to my Mom (another amazing person in my life) and then I would talk to Mrs. Caryse. She would lead me to my Heavenly Counselor. And she would show me what wondrous things he could do in my life. HE gave me the strength to start a Bible study in my school even though I was discouraged to by my peers. HE gave me a heart for those that needed my help and then later those people would help me when I was in need. HE was my solution to everything for everybody. And no matter what issue someone came to me with, I would find them a verse that fit their exact situation.

I was in great need of guidance. Mrs. Caryse helped me. She is still a fantastic inspiration to me and she really brought me closer to the Lord. So you see that God can work through anything. All you have to do is give your life to Him and find someone you love and you trust to keep you in check. Thank you Mrs. Caryse for everything you have done in my life. I would not be myself today if not for you.

With love to my sisters in Christ,
~Megan S.

New Mexico
14 years old

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