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Bring out the artiste in you with these new Nail Art Pens from Sally Hansen! (Not to be confused with their Color Quick Nail Pens)

Colors they come in: white, black, light pink, hot pink, blue, red, silver and gold

Where to buy:
Walgreens or CVS

How to use:
“Apply base coat or polish before use. Allow polish to dry completely. Shake well with cap on. Remove cap. Push pen on hard surface to displense color. Apply nail art design to nail. Allow to dry. Recap pen firmly after use. Seal nail with your favorite Sally Hansen top coat when your design is complete. Allow to dry completely.” – Sally Hansen website

The Bright Side:

-The pens have a fine tip so you can get defined designs.

-Just think of all the possibilities for designs…
Pick a Design – stars, daisies, crosses, etc.
Abstract Art – be creative!
Plain & Simple – pick a pattern like stripes or dots, or do a “French manicure” look with two bold colors (ex: purple nails with silver tips)

-It promotes community! It’s a great activity to do with a couple of friends…Why not get together with a friend or two and paint each other’s nails?!

- If you make a “mistake,” you can easily remove it with a moist cotton swab without messing up the dry nail polish. (Of course, my art teacher said you can’t make a mistake in art anyway!)

The Not-So-Bright Side:

- Of course, if you’re going to do your own nails it would help for you to be ambidextrous (able to use both your right and left hands). Flying solo if you’re not ambidextrous might be a challenge and source of frustration.

- These pens cost around $8 each, so unless you’re made of money, you will have to choose your color wisely. You may want to choose a color – like silver, gold, white, or black – that you can use with about any nail color.

~ Your Rad Revolution Fashion Team



Anonymous Katie said...

That's so cool! My friends and I are always trying out new stuff on each other's nails! lol, except these are too expensive for my "budget"...so I guess I'll have to live with out...oh, well, they are still awesome!!!!

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