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She Speaks 2010

July 30 - August 1

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is this held?

Anonymous RadRevolution said...

The She Speaks Conference is held every year in Concord, North Carolina in the outskirts of Charlotte.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! that's way far away from where I live! Washington State-the east side!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I was looking at the website for the conference but I couldn't find a price or what age group it's for....See, I'm a teenager and I was wondering if it was people more my mother's age or mine or both? So...yeah...I was wondering because it sounds cool and I was trying to find out some more details...

Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi Katie,

The conference originally started for women, but for the past three years we have had a separate track of the conference called the Next Generation Track specifically for 12-17-year-old young women. For more details about the conference visit the website ( and click on "The Next Generation Information." To get an idea of the Next Gen. sessions we offered this year, click on "Session Descriptions" and look at all the sessions marked "NG." (Keep in mind that the sessions change every year.) If you have more questions, you may email me at I'll be glad to answer your questions! :-)

Next Generation Coordinator
Proverbs 31 Ministries

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