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By: Emily Watkins

Psalm 103:15, 1 Peter 1:25a, “As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field…but the word of the Lord stands forever.” (NIV)

When I read the amazing stories of great Christian martyrs, sometimes I wonder how they found the courage to stand up for their beliefs. I have come to the conclusion that the answer is HEAVEN. Jim Elliot, who was killed by the tribesmen to whom he was trying to evangelize, wrote: “He is not a fool who gives up what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” These words echo Paul’s in Philippians 1:21, “For me to live is Christ, and to die is gain." For unbelievers, this may sound insane, but Jim and Paul did not care about the opinions of others. Like a race horse wearing blinders, they did not allow themselves to become distracted by the noise around them, but focused entirely on the race in front of them. As followers of Christ, they looked past the “then” and “now” into the everlasting promises of Heaven. They weren’t afraid of dying, in fact, if it was God’s will, they were excited about it!

Even though they knew that the Lord had placed them on Earth for a purpose, it was in the revelation of heaven that they found the perseverance to continue despite persecution. Death could not intimidate them. Thinking about heaven only encouraged them to focus on the eternal, instead of concentrating on the fleeting.

John Wesley once said, “I judge all things only by the price they shall gain in eternity.” Similarly, Jesus calls us to store up for ourselves treasure in Heaven (Matthew 6:19-21). The world, of course, screams at us the exact opposite: “Live for the moment, don’t worry about the consequences!” Thankfully, we can choose which voice to obey. As Christians, we can decide to keep the first things first.

Jesus summed up the entire law in two simple commands: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…” and, “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Luke 10:27, NIV). The first sends an invitation to enter into a relationship, to embark on a never-ending journey of discovering God’s heart. Amazingly, as we begin to uncover more of God’s character, then the Author of Love himself will slowly transform us into his likeness, causing us to overflow with His love to the people around us (thus fulfilling the second commandment). This is the essence of Christianity. One day, when we stand before the judgment seat of Christ, we will be rewarded for our obedience to these two commands (2 Corinthians 5:10, Matthew 25:31-46). As Paul and Jim did, I encourage you to keep your eyes fixed on heaven and on the things that cannot be shaken, because this life is but a breath in light of eternity (Isaiah 54:10).


Father, thank You so much for your wonderful gift of Heaven. In my short life here on Earth, please help me “to number [my] days aright that [I] might gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12, NIV). In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Think About It:

How could focusing on heaven change your outlook on life? Would it cause you to worry or perhaps fear less?

What does it mean to live with one eye fixed on eternity?

Live It:

Imagine that you only had 30 days left to live. What are some changes you would make in your daily routine? Make a list of some of the people and activities that you consider most important in your life in light of eternity.

Power Verses:

I Timothy 6:18-19, “Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share. In this way they will lay up treasure for themselves as a firm foundation for the coming age, so that they may take hold of the life that is truly life.” (NIV)

Philippians 3:13-14, “Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” (NIV)

© 2009 by Emily Watkins. All rights reserved.


Tell Us About It:

If you had only 30 days to live, what would you change
about your life?

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