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Okay, so the past few months we’ve been giving away some pretty awesome books. This month, we decided, how about a little something different? So this month we’re giving away one of our awesome Radical Revolution t-shirts!

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Answer one of the following questions and your name will be entered into a drawing to win your very own Radical Revolution T-shirt!

1. What do you love about the Radical Revolution site?

2. Why would you like a Rad Rev t-shirt?

3. Have a friend check out the site leave a comment (answering question 1 or 2) to be entered into the drawing.

*You may have up to five entries into the contest!!

To be eligible, entries must follow these conditions:

1. Answer each question as a separate comment.
2. Answer question 1 and question 2 only once.
3. You may have up to three friends check out the site and leave a comment on this post.
4. Friends who enter the drawing by leaving a comment must put your email address in their entry in order for you to get credit.

Please include your email address and age with your giveaway entry. One winner will be chosen. Entries must be received by Midnight (EDT) on Sunday, September 20, 2009 to be eligible. You must be between the ages of 12 and 18 to enter and must not have won anything from Proverbs 31 Ministries within the last six months.

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Blogger Frank Girl said...

1: I love how they have amazing devotions every single day. I can always trust that you will send one to me or that it will be on the website on time!!! I always look foward to bedtime, because that is when i read my devotion for the day!!!!

Blogger Frank Girl said...

2: I would like a Rad Rev t-shirt beacause I could share what this mavelous website has to offer, and be apart of the ministry they are creating.

Blogger Mattea K. said...

1. these days, being a christian teenager in this world is hard. There are constant temptations thrown at me by our society, wanting me to conform to this world. I love the Rad. Rev. site because you help me to follow the command in Romans 12:2 by being so encouraging! You help me realize anew every day that it is oh, so worth it to be a child of God and to cling to His standards.
age 16

Anonymous Emily M. said...

1. I like the daily devotions, because it reminds everyday of the amazing God we have! living in the world we do it is easy to get caught up in our culture. The devotions help remind me that we need to live for God and not the way the world lives. God is amazing and these devotions are always reminders of His amazing love and that He is always there no matter what situation.

age 14

Anonymous Kitty said...

I would LOVE the rad rev t-shirt So when people say, "Hey I like your t-shirt, where did you get it?" I can show them the website and They might even be saved my that. I have just know started reading the daily devotions, sometimes i even go on a few days.....weeks:) Now I cant wait to go to bed!!!!!

Blogger BeeHoly said...

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Blogger BeeHoly said...

1) I love the site because the great devotions help remind me of the truth everyday. They inspire me to dig deeper in the bible, remind me who I am in Christ and help me learn even more about God!


Blogger BeeHoly said...

2) I would like a t-shirt because I could tell others about the site on the t-shirt, and maybe that could spark their devotional reading time. I would recommend theses devotions to my friends because they are the best for teen girls!


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