If You Had Only 30 Days to Live...

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Earlier this week, we asked you:
If you had only 30 days to live, what would you change about your life?
Here are the responses we got from you:

I would make more time for things like God and my family, things that are really important. I would definitely make sure everyone knows I love them and really dig deep and forgive unforgiven debts. I wouldn't do dishes or clean my room. I would read as much as I could and hardly sleep so I wouldn't miss a minute.

~Katareena, 17 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would tell every one my deepest secrets

~Katie, 15 yrs. old, South Carolina

If I only had 30 days to live, I would share my faith with as many people as possible. I would also make sure my life was right with God. (So to speak).

~Elizabeth, 12 yrs. old, Alabama

I would devote the rest of my days to sharing the gospel to those I care about.

~Mariah, 15 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would live the rest of my life not worrying what other people think about me. It may sound easy, but it's really harder than it sounds. That alone makes a huge impact.
~Sarah, 17 yrs. old, Ohio

I would go out and reach people. I would show them that there is better than what they've been exposed to and what they've exposed themselves to. I'd show them there is hope and love that goes beyond human capacity.
~Eden, 16 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would spend more time with my family and not take them for granted. And also i would be jealous with my time with God. Pretty simple and plain.
~Mackenzie, 18 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would tell all the people I know what they mean 2 me. And I would try a different look.

~Rachael, 12 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would stop worrying about school, college, money, and my future and focus on what's really important: Christ and the people I share my life with.
~Emma, 16 yrs. old, Michigan

I would chop off my hair and tell everyone about Jesus, no matter who they are, and I'd make my family go to church with me.
~Mary, 14 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would drop out of school and make it my mission to go around and share God's love with everyone. I would get all my money and use it each day to do good deeds for others spreading Christ's love. I would sell all of my possessions and give my things to the poor. I would be slow to anger and forgive unconditionally. I would take the time to notice those who are not normally noticed. WOW!! How cool would it be if all of us did this even if we didn't know that we only had 30 days to live.
~Becky, 17 yrs. old, North Carolina

I would tell everybody I know how much they mean to me
~Lauren, 12 yrs. old, Texas

I would rent a big house on the beach, invite all my family and friends to come and stay with me, and I would take lots of pictures and videos of them! Also I would write all of them letters telling them how much they mean to me. Let's just hope that if I had 30 days to live, I have a lot of money!! LOL!
~Kaley, 17 yrs. old, Kansas

I would show everyone how much I love them and express all of my feelings to everyone.
~Megan, 14 yrs. old, New Mexico

I would give my money and raise more money to help sick and poor kids around the world and as I did that I would tell them that Jesus was actually the one making them better and giving them food.
~Joy, 17 yrs. old, North Carolina



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