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As a professional model for 20 years, it is completely natural that I love fashion. The shapes, the texture, the fabric…But it always shocks me how those in the fashion industry repeatedly stretch the boundaries with immodest clothing. Shorts and skirts get shorter, tops get tighter, smaller and more low cut, jeans made to reveal a woman’s undergarments, see-through shirts that show her bra, and slogans on tee’s that exploit even the girls that wear them…sheesh, where does it end? It’s maddening, and often leads me to believe that it’s not so much what you wear, (or lack thereof), but where your heart is. I believe that modesty is a virtue that evokes a woman’s dignity and respect of herself. I’ve had to personally walk off sets that wanted me to promote a less than modest wardrobe. And I’m actually proud to report that it has cost me clients and future work. It’s no secret that women and girls who choose to wear this kind of attire certainly attract a fair amount of attention from the opposite sex. But honestly, is that the kind of interest she was hoping for?

I personally believe that a woman who knows who she is, and recognizes her own strengths will feel no obligation to compete for that kind of attention. Instead, by modeling modest dress and behavior, he will become much more inclined to get to know her as a person - her insights, dreams, abilities and humor, and not as a sex symbol. Fashion should be fun, spontaneous, and enable women to express themselves. But a good model (or role model) does not have to sacrifice her purity, dignity and worth on the altar of bad taste.

Here are some tips for modeling modesty:

  1. Choose skirts that are no more than 4 fingers side by side above the knee. When you sit, it will still rise a bit, but you'll still be modest. Maybe add a pair of high boots for variety. Or, add a layer or two of long vintage lace to lengthen your favorite denim mini.
  2. Wear finger-tip length shorts. They won’t rise too high when you sit.
  3. Instead of see-through tops and blouses, alter them with same color tanks as an undergarment, instead of showing off your bra.
  4. If your jeans show your underwear when you bend over, add a long tunic top to hide it. They are very much the style right now.
  5. Layer your low cut tops over a collared shirt, for the polished school-girl look that’s in.
  6. Add great accessories! Tweed caps, chunky belts, beads, oversized bags or cowboy boots.
  7. If you own a top that’s too tight, (and you know if it is!), purpose to wear it only under V-neck sweaters or tunics, but never on its own.
  8. Do wear colored leggings or footed tights, but always in keeping with fashion tip #1.
  9. Layers are in! Leggings with skirts, topped with tanks, a V-neck, and a blazer, etc.
  10. Keep make-up to a minimum. Too much makes it seem like you're hiding behind it. Come out from behind the paint! Tinted moisturizer, shaped brows, a little mascara and lip color is perfect, (and enough) for everyday wear.
  11. Make sure your tops don't come down too far in front. Here's my trick: Keep 4 fingers together, and put them at the base of your collar bone. That's as far as your top can be without showing cleavage when you bend over. Try it! It really works!
  12. It's not ok to show your tummy, unless your at the pool! An easy fix is layering. Wear a longer tank underneath, and you'll be modest, and trendy!

Modesty is becoming a growing fashion trend. So, for the sake of pure fashion, show off your best side…your INSIDE!

© 2009 by Rachel Lee Carter. All rights reserved.

More About Rachel

Rachel Lee Carter is an alumnus of
Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, NY. There, she studied Bible Survey and Systematic Theology with an emphasis on missions and youth ministry. Having served on mission trips to Australia, Papua New Guinea and Moldova, she recognizes the fervency of sharing the gospel both here and abroad. After hearing God's call on her life as a professional Christian model, she now uses this platform to share the love of Jesus Christ within the fashion industry and to mothers, daughters and youth groups throughout the country. She resides in North Carolina with her husband Daryl, and their sons, Jack and Jude.

As a professional model of 20 years, Rachel has traveled to over 30 countries. Clientèle include Cover Girl, Tommy Hilfiger, Teen Magazine, Conde Nast Publications, Front Gate Catalogue, Wrangler, Arrow, Elle Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Nichole Miller, Motorola, Greg Norman Golf, DKNY, Carolina Herrera, Reebok, Microsoft, SAKS Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdales and many others.

Visit Rachel’s website at www.modelingchrist.com.



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