Spotlight on Missions: Hope's Experience in Ethiopia

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Name: Hope T.
Age: 15
State I’m from: North Carolina

What mission organization did you go with?

I went wih Sports Friends, which is a branch off of S.I.M.

Where did you go?

I went to Ethiopia for 7 weeks this summer. The first two weeks I stayed in Addis, which is the city. The next four weeks I stayed down country in Langano. The last week I went back up to Addis.

Tell us more about this area.

Addis is the main city where millions of people live! It is way over populated. The city is very dirty with lots of pollution. People live on the side of the road or in a house made out of tin. People with a good job will make around 25 birr a week (which is less then $2).

Langano is 4 hours down country from Addis. People there live in huts. Langano is where your find lots of animals, like pythons, baboons, and hippos. The people that live here kill anything to eat. They walk miles and miles to get water out of a creek. Everyone there is friendly and everyone knows everyone.

Tell us more about your mission work there.

In Addis I went to visit different orphanages and played with the kids. We went to the AIDS orphanage a lot. There was a sick room where the kids that were going to die very soon were. It was hard to go in that room and know that you may not ever see these kids again. I bonded with many kids there!

In Addis we did sports camps. Every Monday a new group of 40 boys would arrive. Monday through Friday we would do lots of games, soccer, swimming, and teaching the kids about Jesus. I was a counselor of 5 kids every week. The boys’ ages would range from 11-16. It was so cool to see these kids transform their lives by the end of the week. In Langano I also went to the Clinic. When I grow up, I want to become a nurse. So the clinic was right up my alley. It was a place where people in the village can come and get help by missionary doctors!

What was the most challenging part?

The most challenging part was saying goodbye to my boys every week! The boys in my group would even cry! It’s not like you can get their email when they leave. So knowing I won’t see them again was a hard pill to swallow.

What was the most rewarding part?

The 2nd week I was in Addis I got to meet a very special girl. Renee Swope, who works with Proverbs 31 Ministries and is also one of my mom’s very best friends, is adopting from Ethiopia. I got to meet her little girl! That was so cool to know she would soon be home to her parents and I was the first to hold her. Her name is Aster and she was 8 months when I met her!

Prayer Points for This Region of the World:

-Pray that the kids, who we did camps with, would take what they learned about Jesus and go home and tell all their friends and family!

-Pray that God would meet their basic needs – food, a bed to sleep on, power, and water. Everything we take for granted they basically don't have.

-Pray that Aster would be home soon!

-Pray that I will be able to go back to Ethiopia next summer!

More Information

For more information or pictures you can email me at and/or go to my facebook.

Also, visit for more information about this mission organization or the Sports Friends program.

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Blogger God's Gal said...

thanks for that, Hope! it's so great to hear about other people's missions. i can really relate because my church is running a sports camp in our area and it's soooo hard to say good-bye to your campers, esspecially when you have a special bond with them! i'll be praying for the kids in ethiopia!
~God's Gal

Blogger LeAnn said...

Wow, Hope!

I will definitely be praying that you will find your way back to Ethiopia next year and... I am praying that many others will be inspired to serve "the least of these" because you shared your life-changing experience. HIS light shines very brightly through you!

Love and Blessings,
Ms. LeAnn

Anonymous MKW said...

Thanks so much for sharing that! My family sponsors a 16 year old girl in Ethiopia so I feel very connected to that country. They definitely need our prayers and support!! Thank you for going over there and doing what you did!!!

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