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Hey guys! Guess what? There’s ANOTHER giveaway going on this week!!

We need your help! We want to understand what life is like for you and how we can best be there for you and your friends through our teen ministry. So, we have some questions we’d like you to answer. Help us help you! :-)

What can you win?

*A year’s subscription to Susie Magazine
*Bridge Called Hope by Kim Meeder
*Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy

Here’s the deal:

1. Visit Lynn Cowell’s blog and answer the questions on the post, “Friday Give Away!”

Lynn is a contributor for Radical Revolution (Rad Rev) and a Proverbs 31 speaker. When you answer her questions, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a year’s subscription to Susie Magazine! (a new magazine for teen girls packed with tons of cool stuff)

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the questions:

~What are the top 3 issues you face on a daily basis?
~Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
~What do you want the most out of life?

To see and answer all of the questions, click here.

~ THEN ~

2. Come back here to answer our questions below.

Answering these and Lynn’s questions will automatically enter you in a drawing for two awesome books: Bridge Called Hope by Kim Meeder and Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy!

Rad Rev Questions:

~What do you think about the look of the Rad Rev site (the style, colors, logo, etc.)?

~What do you think about the content on the site (devotions, articles, testimonies, etc.)?

~What do you like most about the site?

~What would you like to see change on the site?

To answer these questions, send your responses to

Giveaway Guidelines:

1. Please include your first name, age, and email address in your entry.
2. You must be between 12 & 18 years old to qualify for the drawing.
3. Deadline for entries is Midnight (EST) on Saturday, October 31, 2009 for both giveaways on and So hurry!!
4. Responses to questions on Lynn’s blog must be sent to or posted on her blog and responses to questions found on Rad Rev must be sent to
5. In order to qualify for both giveaways, you must answer ALL of the questions on both Lynn’s ( and our website (



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm commenting my answers to the questions because I can't seem to open the link.
Anyway, I love the look of the site! It is one of the first things that attracted me here! I wish it were a bit more girly because I feel the layers are a bit to the masculine side! So a little less blue and brown and more pink and yellow would be nice but of course that is personal preference.
The content is some of the best out there. I am continually finding new websites I am attracted to but I eventually stop following them because I become disinterested however RadRev has stood the test of time. The articles and devotionals are encouraging and uplifting as well as convicting and challenging! They are true, simple, and to the point and I love reading them!
The thing I like most about the site is the variety. There are giveaways, fashion articles, articles about eating disorders, recipes, and contests. I am never bored.
I would like to see change the volume of pink (lol) and also if the logo or what is at the top of the page currently moved down or was shortened just a bit so I could see the new article without having to scroll down, that would be great.
Rachelle, 17

Anonymous Kristen said...

Rachelle, Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Sorry about the links. I think I got them fixed now...but no need for you to re-send your answers.

To everyone else, if you have problems opening the links, feel free to leave your answers below as a comment.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks! I checked back and I could open the links but I'm glad you replied else I would have sent them again! Hope the revamp turns out awesomely!

Anonymous Devin said...

Are you allowed to enter for the contest if you have won something within the last 6 months? It didn't say on the rules, so I wanted to make sure before I entered the contest.


Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi again Rachelle, Thanks for helping us with the revamp!

Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi Devin,

YES you are allowed to enter again for this specific giveaway even if you've won something in the last 6 months! (Sorry I just saw your comment or I would have responded sooner :)


Anonymous McKenna said...

Hello, I just wanted to say I absolutely love the site! My mom showed me it and I was immediately hooked. Now here are my answers to your questions.

1)I really do like the look of the site, I think it looks very modern but I do think it does look kind of masculine as well.

2)I love everything that goes on here. Challenging all of us, encouraging all of us girls out there. This site is totally of God!

3)The most I like about this site is that it helps us with our walk with God, all the devotions and testimonies. But it also has style and recipies and fun things like that.

4)I love everything about the content of the site and that you guys are asking our opinions on everything too! The only thing that I would change would probably be the colors, but not the layout. The layout is very cool.

I would just like to thank all of you who work on and put effort into Living with Purpose. It means a whole lot to me and I'm sure everyone who reads it.

McKenna, 14

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