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Natalie's name was pulled in a random drawing, after responding
to the question from Thursday's post:
What do you like most about God?

Here's Natalie's response:

I like how I can always depend on God, through whatever I'm going through. I can always trust Him, even when it feels like no one can help me. I move frequently, so I know what it's like to feel helpless and like nothing is in my control. Then I remember that God's the one who's in control, and I pray for Him to help me get through it all, and I always do. I know that I can depend on God no matter what, and that's what I like most about Him.

~ Congratulations Natalie!!! ~

Everyone's response to this question was so great, so we thought we'd share them with you again below:

Paris said...
What I love most about God is that He's forgiving. Whe He died on the cross He knew I was going to sin - again and again and again. I deserved to die on the cross, but He gave His life so I could have eternal life. Psalm 103:12 He has moved our sins as far away from us as the east is from the west. Age: 15

McKenna said...
I love that no matter what I am going through in life God is by my side and he knows what's going to happen to all of us. We can lean on him when our day doesn't go so right, we can trust him with all of our hearts, and we can be sure that He will love us no matter how many times we let him down. He knows we aren't perfect ever, yet we still mean the world to Him. And I find that amazing! Age:14

Megan said...
What I love sbout God the very most is that even though He knows we are going to stumble and He knows we are going to make mistakes, and that we will never be like Him: He still loves us 1,000 times more than we could ever love Him. Age: 14

Kathy said...
I love God because he is merciful. This mercy is mercy that we do not deserve! His grace and patience are overwhelming! Just to think about it blows my mind. Our sin has has been cleaned and purified by our father. I also love how we can praise him and he lets us know how much we adore him. Its these types of things in which I really know he loves me! Age:12

Madi said...
What I love most about god is that he is always there to catch you when you are falling. When all comes to worse and you feel alone he is there, as you father, your best friend, whatever you need. :) Age: 12

Rachelle said...
God's love is the thing that I value most. The fact that He is all that He is, marvelous, awesome, wonderful, exalted, and holy, and still loves little ol' me with a passion that sent Him to the cross is incredible to me! Age: 17

Allison said...
What I love about God is that He is my Savior. Not only has He saved me and given me eternal life, but when the storms of life roll in, He is ALWAYS there to save me and lovingly bring me through to the other side. Age: 17

Kevyn said...
I love God because in any time of need, he will be there for you. You can tell him every secret you have, and you don't have to keep anything from him. He will listen to you and love you No matter what you do or say! Age: 14

Payton said...
What I love most about God is the fact that he created everything. And for humans he created us in an intent that we would be like him and follow him, disappointingly we all turned out to sin and go against what he wanted from us. Age: 12

Claire said...
The thing i like most about god is that he is everywhere!!!! He is giving us hugs and telling us not to be afraid everysecond of each and every day of out lives. And the saddest part is, some people dont know it, they are totally oblivious! He is right there saying " Let me into your heart! You shall not fear when i am near you! I love you with all of my heart and soul!!!" And they cant even hear him. Its almost like he is being ignored, once they see him, everything they have ever worried about dissapears! Thats what I like about him! Age: 13
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