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If you haven’t seen leggings when shopping at the mall then you’ve definitely had your head in too much homework.

Leggings are so fashionable this season that you’ll certainly see them on Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and any other teen celebrity you know and love!

So how do you wear leggings? Well, first things first. Leggings are best when worn in a darker color like black, chocolate, gray or dark denim. But don’t be afraid to wear exciting prints like leopard, polka dots and those with stripes or other fun prints. When choosing leggings, make sure they fit you correctly. These fashion items are best in a style that ends at your ankle, or slightly above, a few inches below your knees. Wear a long style top over them like a short dress or a long sweater that comes just a few inches above your knees. If belts are your thing, then add a wide one to cinch your waist and finally, add boots or flats with this new, hot trend.

Your look won’t be complete unless you add some big, bold accessories. Buy some bangles for your wrist, a brightly colored watch, and some big hoop earrings. A scarf knotted in front, hanging low, will bring a definite splash to any combination when leggings are a part of it and will have you looking like a fun fashionista!

Take a look at this picture so you can know what NOT to wear. Even though this is a featured look for teens, just because it’s in style, doesn’t make it right. So leave this look alone. Like I said above, leggings are meant to be worn with something long on top, NOT something short. And girl, those shoes! Yikes!

I’ve included a few pics of some cute looks with leggings so make sure you copy some of these and not the one with the too short top and the terrible shoes.

Hope you’re having a fun fall and are getting ready for the cooler weather that is approaching. Cold weather clothing will be featured in a few of the upcoming fashion articles so get ready for that. Have a fashionable week!

Beautiful Blessings,
Shari Braendel




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