Sweet Sixteen

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By: Sarah Rupp

I remember when I turned sixteen and could say, “sweet sixteen and never been kissed.” It may sound strange, but I was proud of that. I recently turned eighteen, and I’ve still never been kissed or even dated a guy. The reason is because I have high standards.

I’ll admit, I’ve never been asked out. I used to view it as a curse, but now I think it’s more like a blessing in disguise. Since eighth grade, I’ve prayed for my future husband. Like Kristen talked about Tuesday, I even made up a list of characteristics he must have – or should have

Some of the things on that list are going to be hard for the poor guy to live up to. That got me thinking: what am I doing to prepare myself for this special man of my future? Shouldn’t I be practicing character that’s hard to live up to as well?

I’ve been looking at the characteristics of the woman in Proverbs 31, called “The Good Wife.” Proverbs 31:12 (NCV) says, “She does [her husband] good and not harm for as long as she lives.”

Here are some of her characteristics:

  • She works hard without complaining and practices self-discipline.

  • She is trustworthy – her husband knows she won’t cheat.

  • She honors and respects him.

  • She is a servant, never hesitating to help others in need.

  • She is confident in herself.

  • She can laugh and not worry about the future.

  • She is wise but corrects in kindness.

In every opportunity God gives me, I'll be practicing this list. It will not only benefit my future husband, but my future and present acquaintances, as well. How will you prepare yourself for your future husband? What are you doing to bring your husband good and not harm for as long as you live?

Sarah Rupp is a freelance writer who loves God, reading, and music, as well as writing of course! You can find her over at her blog:
sarahswordsofwitsdom.blogspot.com or as a staff writer at realteenfaith.com. She enjoys connecting with readers and other writers through comments.

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Anonymous Shannon Primicerio said...

Sarah: I really love what you've done here. You've taken a passage of Scripture that tells you what you should aspire to be in the future (as a wife) and you've broken it down into practical things you can be doing today to build those qualities and character traits. That's awesome! When the time comes, you will make a great wife :)

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