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Hey, it’s me again! Last time I talked to you guys I was telling you all about fall trends. Winter weather will be approaching fast and it will soon be cold.
It’s time to talk about some toasty trends!

During the winter you need to stay warm but that doesn’t mean you can’t look great while you wrap up.

First of all, you need to keep your toes warm so why not keep them snuggly and cozy with some furry wool lined boots? These cool boots go great with skinny jeans so you can tuck the bottom of your jeans inside them. Yes, boots are in but converse tennis shoes still are too! Why not add some snazzy new socks for a funky new look?

What would a fabulous pair of boots be without a jacket or wrap to go with them?

This winter wraps are in. Wraps are made of long cardigan-like fabric that you can tie up or just wear as-is. Since a wrap is not made of the thickest material, wear a long sleeve shirt underneath. If it’s really cold and you’ll be outdoors you can wear a pea coat with a tie-belt attached to the waist. There are many vibrant, beautiful colors to choose from and with a colorful, snappy scarf you have a great way to brighten things up on a cold winter’s day. Scarves are a terrific accessory that can change an outfit but for a little different look try one that is triangular shaped, perhaps one with a checkered pattern on it that will have you looking fab-YOU-lous!

Finally, if you want variety this winter, just add a wool hat or headband. Try a headband with a simple sophisticated bow or feather on the side. It will look awesome with a scarf and jacket. It also may help control crazy hair when the sleet and snow comes down!

I hope you guys have a wonderful, warm, family-filled winter and always remember…

Just because it’s in, doesn’t mean you have to wear it!

Mattie is a joyful 13-year-old who enjoys singing, swimming and babysitting. She is the energizer bunny of shopping and shops until everyone else drops! From an early age she has been mixing and matching any garment she gets her hands on and makes it look fabulous. She's never met a cheesecake she didn't like and can spot a Ford mustang a mile away! Her favorite verse is 1 Corinthians 10:13 and she is very thankful that God has her back as she begins her teenage years. She shares her life with her parents, two brothers, two sisters and a menagerie of pets.



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