"Jesus Set Me Free"

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My friend Julie wrote an awesome song which speaks to the issue of God cleaning up the mess inside ourselves that Elizabeth talked about yesterday.

The truth is that we all struggle and we all need God's help (and the help of a few friends) to live the life God wants for us.

This song is Julie's prayer to God to free her of everything that has kept her emprisoned. You will probably identify with some of the lyrics. Feel free to share your responses.


"Jesus Set Me Free" by Julie Halbert

Lord come and search my broken heart
Excavate this filth and dirt
Clean me out and purify

Lord do a work only You can do
Mesmerize me through and through
Help me fix my gaze on You

Lord bring me to my knees I pray
Throw this mask I wear away
Destroy the walls that I have built

Lord these insecurities are looming round
They trap me up and pin me down
Please rescue me before I drown

I’m tired of being hidden
I’m tired of being hindered
Why am I so confined?
In You is where I’ll abound
Set me free
Jesus set me free
For I’m longing to be free

Lord I need Your Word to live this life
To help combat the pain and strife
That’s cutting deeper than a knife

Lord I can’t do this on my own
So bring all my baggage into light
Take the wrong and make it right

I’m done with being hidden
I’m done with being hindered
I don’t have to be confined
In You is where I abound
You’ve set me free
Set me free
Thank God that I am free

© 2007 by Julie Halbert. All rights reserved.



What beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing that Kristen! I totally relate to longing to be free from our hindrances. Praise God that in Christ there is freedom!

Anonymous Kristen said...

Julie's song is beautiful. I wish I had an audio recording of it to share. Don't we all relate to this desire to be free?!? I, too, am thankful that we can have freedom through Christ. :-)

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