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Today, I'm bringing you some additional info so you can be a fashionista in-the-know! This is my beauty-tip list for you:

Vintage jewelry. Can you say charm bracelet? Ask your mom, grandma or aunt to dig deep into their jewelry boxes and find an old charm bracelet from high school days. Tell them that you want to wear it! Try anything with ribbons, pearls and crystal beads.

Embellished tees. Leave your necklaces and scarves at home, and wear a Tee that’s already decorated. Or buy a do-it-yourself kit and add some jewels to a T-shirt you already own.

Neon. Bright is in! Wear combos of black and pink, red and purple or neon green!

Sparkly shoes. These beauties will dress up your casual jeans or finish your dressiest dress. Find them in wedges, heels and ballet flats.

Metallic eye makeup. OK, go easy on this one, but a little sparkle is fun for your homecoming dance or a fun Saturday night out with friends. Don’t go overboard, but add a little dash of gold or silver in place of eye color. Try Fine Wink by “Wet ‘n Wild” for $1.99 at most drugstores. It’s a soft pinky-beige you’re sure to love!

Green nail polish. Go green on your nails and show the world you care!

Wavy hair. Go natural with your curly hair, or use a curling iron to add some soft waves to your straight hair.

Leopard print. This fashion statement is BIG this season. Find a belt, purse or shoes with this outstanding print to show your style.

Leggings. These come in patterns, denim, solids and textures. Wear a long and loose shirt with this fall and winter trend.

Ruffles. Wear a pretty blouse and soften any look with ruffles. Find them on purses, vests, sweaters and skirts.

Now you’re in the know with this fun fashion extra.

Shari Braendel hosts conferences for teen girls and their moms and shows her audience “how to be in without letting it all hang out!” Her popular Modest is Hottest Fashion Show and Real Beauty Conference includes sessions on personal style tips, color and makeup ideas and how to buy the right jeans. Shari teaches girls that how they dress on the outside shows the world who they are on the inside. To bring Shari to your church, please visit her at

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