Favorite Christmas Memories, Part 2

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My favorite Christmas memory is going to Midnight Mass every single year. I grew up Catholic and even though I'll tell you I didn't understand about having a personal relationship with Jesus (that happened much later in my life) I still felt close to a God that I knew was there...in fact, it's the closest I ever felt to Him back then....at those Christmas Eve services. My family also had a tradition every Christmas day of going to our family friends' home and spending the whole day with them. It is such a beautiful memory to me and one that makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.


Shari Braendel

Shari coordinator of and regular contributor to our fashion column.


I loved staying up late on Christmas Eve. It was the one time of year that we had the late 11 o’clock service at our church. Trying to keep my eyes open until it was time to go was the hardest part. It was always such a thrill to walk out of church knowing we had crossed over to Christmas Day in that one magic hour of church. Our church was hundreds of years old and spending that one hour lit by candlelight, singing beautiful Christmas carols had to be the dreamiest time possible for any child. The pews would be overflowing with kids, families and excitement — I loved sneaking backward glances at the warm faces all awash in the beauty and wonder of Christmas.After services, we would always stop and admire our church’s beautiful outdoor manger scene — it had been there for the whole month of December. Yet there was something so remarkable about stopping to admire it on the early moments of Christmas Day. You couldn’t help but stop and adore — my five brothers and sisters would gather in front of the rough hewn scene, seeing it with fresh Christmas eyes.We would head home, a short walk across the street, sometimes with fresh snow falling all around. In that moment on the first hour of Christmas, everything would feel perfect, unspoiled. The magic of Christmas had been revealed once again.

Cara McLauchlan

Cara writes devotions for RadRev.


My favorite Christmas memory is taking a road trip to Mexico with my sisters and my mom to visit my grandparents! We enjoy eating amazing Mexican food and visiting family we only get to see once a year!

Have a Merry Christmas readers!!

Yvonne Mendoza

Yvonne writes devotions and articles for RadRev.



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