Gift for God in 2010

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This new year, let's put a new spin on the concept of New Year's Resolutions. Rather than making a list for yourself of all the resolutions you have for yourself for 2010, why not instead give a "gift" to God?
Decide on one thing you want to do for God in the new year and write it down and put in a special place.
You may want to write it in your journal where you can easily turn back to it, or you may even want to place your piece of paper in a beautiful box that you keep on your bookshelf to remind you of your gift to God all year long.
Here are some examples of what your gift to God could be:
  • Forgive someone you've been holding a grudge against
  • Spend the first 5 minutes of every day with God
  • Do one random act of kindness each week in 2010
  • Start a new tradition with your family or friends
  • Face a fear that you have
  • Read your Bible 5 minutes every day
  • Speak only nice things about others
  • Memorize a few Bible verses that mean a lot to you
  • Keep a list of 3 blessings you've received from God every day
It doesn't really matter what your gift is. What matters is your heart and that you are willing to offer up something to Your Creator, Savior, and Friend.
What gift will you give to God in 2010?

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