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Christine stared at her desk.

“Help,” she sighed.

Her pink laptop was buried underneath a mountain of books, crumpled papers, and several energy bar wrappers. She wondered how her desk could’ve gotten to look like that. Wasn’t it just yesterday that she had given it a thorough cleaning? Wait, no. Weeks ago. Okay, months ago.

Christine brushed a layer of dust off her lime green swivel chair and slouched. Exhaustion swept over her. She rested her elbows on a copy of her magazine and closed her eyes. Visions of gossip and fashion magazines danced in front of her. A frown crept onto her face. She tried to push away images of celebrities, gowns, and prom; but they only returned to haunt her worse than ever.

Then one thought entered her head that pushed all others away. When was the last time I prayed? The thought made her eyes open wide. She almost wished her old thoughts would return instead of this horrible guilt. Oh, help. I’ve barely remembered God. What happened? What could have stolen my attention away from my Savior?

Now the images returned. Two tears spotted the smooth surface of her magazine. Her heart brimmed with remorse.

Christine caught sight of a gilded Bible underneath her math homework. She grabbed the Bible and scratched a Coke stain off the cover. Sunday school memories flooded her mind. She remembered how Jesus – holy, perfect, kind Jesus – was crucified because of a murderous mob and a cowardly governor. On the cross, Jesus paid for every sin (Christine sighed to think how many of hers He paid for).

Jesus endured God’s fury. Separation from His Father. Death.

Yet even death could not restrain the King of life. Jesus rose from the dead.

Gratitude bubbled up from deep inside her. Jesus had died for her! Christine, who was obsessed with fashion!

Christine knelt on her carpet and sobbed, “Oh, Jesus, forgive me! Don’t let anything else take your place in my heart. Please help me to love You most! Oh, Jesus, thank You for the cross! Help me love and serve You, and You alone!”

An incredibly clean feeling swept over her. She stood, rubbing the tears from her eyes, and dropped an armful of magazines in the trash can.

“Thank you, God,” Christine said. She flipped through her Bible to John 6:67-68 (ESV):

“So Jesus said to the Twelve, ‘Do you want to go away as well?’ Simon Peter answered him, ‘Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.’"

~Esther Grace

Esther Grace is a godly teenager just like you. She loves singing in choir. Arguing in Debate Club. Helping the church any possible way. Knitting teddies. Listening to music. Reading. Encouraging friends. Tickling the ivories (i.e. playing the piano).

Most importantly, Esther longs for a radical revolution to sweep through today’s world. But that’s not going to happen on its own. So she is resolved to stand firm amidst the storm; to speak the truth no matter what; to live for Christ.



Anonymous Hannah said...

Congratulations on being published again! Keep writing!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great job, Esther! ~brennan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good article, Esther! May you continue to use the gifts God has given you for His glory! :)
<>< Mrs. E

Blogger tmsha1 said...

Hey, Esther! I love, especially the part when she prays to Jesus and asks for forgiveness. What I like about this article is that you based it on a regular teenage girl, like one that goes to my middle school. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice story, but not a very good plot. Sorry, but it's pretty unrealistic.

Anonymous Katie said...

I disagree with the second Anonymous. I find it really, REALLY realistic.

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