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Christmas is just weeks away and I bet you have a mom, girlfriend or sister on your Christmas list but don’t have a lot of bucks to spend! I have a suggestion that will allow you to shop for those on your Christmas list and maybe even leave you with some money in your pocket so you can buy something for yourself while you’re at it.

One word. Accessories!

Rings, earrings, bracelets and purses! Rings look super with jeans and a tee or something fancy like going to a Christmas party or to a friend’s house. Go BIG with rings. No really, big rings are so cute and in style! When you put on one of these fashionable oversized rings it should cover from your knuckle down.

If you’re not a ring person you can always go for some fabulous earrings. Long, dangly earrings look fetching or try to find some that look like feathers. If you don’t wear long earrings that’s okay because fake pearl or diamond earrings are great with everything and you can wear them with your fab ring to go to a Christmas dinner or to youth group with your friends! If you wear pearl earrings, throw on a long pearl necklace.

A tip to make your money go further is to buy a card of earrings that has multiple pairs and then repackage each of them on single cute cards that you create with scrapbook paper. Wrap in a cello bag with tissue and a ribbon. Then you have many gifts and your family or friends will enjoy your personal touch.

You can never go wrong with a charm bracelet. The best thing about a charm bracelet is that, on some, you can change the charms to fit the season. In this case you would change it into something Christmas-y or wintery. It is also a gift that keeps on giving because now you can always get a new charm for your friend as a gift.

Lastly, a girl can never have too many purses! I love purses; they so easily change an outfit. I usually keep my eye on the clearance section for different colored purses for different seasons at an affordable price. This winter, find a purse in brown, black or charcoal, depending on your hair color.

Have fun shopping, but remember to keep Jesus in the center of your holiday. Jesus really is the true reason we celebrate the season.


Just because it’s in doesn’t mean you have to wear it!



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