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I recently interviewed some high school athletes and asked them about girls and makeup.

My question to them was this: “What one makeup item do girls wear too much of?”

Without hesitation, they answered (almost in unison),
“that eye stuff.”

Yep, that’s what they said. I asked them to explain. They went on to tell me that girls seem to put “all that black stuff” around their eyes and “it’s hard to look at them ‘cause all you see is loads of makeup.” They also said that they’d rather see a girl’s natural beauty than “all that blue sparkly stuff around their eyes.”

Since January is a month of new beginnings, how about taking a look thru that makeup drawer of yours?

What’s in there that should come out? Makeup should never be worn if it’s over a year old, and on the other hand, if it’s anything to do with your eyes, like eyeshadow or mascara, then it shouldn’t be worn past 3-6 months because it may contain bacteria that could give you an eye infection.

Consider how you are making up your eyes. Have you started wearing a little too much eye makeup? Try using one or two eye shadows in light, neutral hues instead of dark, deep or bright shades. If you line your eyes, try using a color similar to your eye color, perhaps a soft brown or bronze, or olive green or dusty blue. Finish with a coat of dark brown or black mascara. Stay away from sparkles and glitter.

So go ahead and clean out your makeup collection. And while you’re at it, think twice when making up your eyes. You really are beautiful without all that stuff on them. Really.

~Shari Braendel
National Christian Image Consultant and Modesty Expert

More about Shari

From early childhood, Shari Braendel always had an eye for style. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and for the past several years has joined with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She now speaks nationally at Christian women's retreats, conferences, and youth events. Her focus is to remind each of us that we are beautiful, made in His image, exactly as He intended. She shares her knowledge and experience with practical style advice and tips on how to present our positive assets in a modest and feminine fashion.

She believes that your own personal style trumps the trends every time. Her advice: browse for the looks you love, but only buy the ones that love you back. And never get rid of anything you look great in! Always remember, fashion is fickle, but you can count on the fact that real beauty comes from within.



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