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The other day I heard a teen girl say she didn’t want to wear her glasses because she looked stupid. Excuse me? Did you just say you looked stupid?

Yes she did.

At church on Sunday our pastor was wearing glasses. This might not sound odd but I’ve never seen him wear glasses before.

So maybe it’s a fashion statement?

Just sayin’.

Come on sweet teens! Glasses are cool. Glasses are fashionable. Glasses are stylish. And sometimes glasses are necessary.

If you feel like you’ve been given a death sentence because now you have to wear glasses take a look at these pics. These girls look cute!

The most important thing about wearing glasses is to feel confident in them. Choose a pair that compliments your natural coloring and get some that fit your face shape. Don’t buy a pair that is too big OR too small. And then wear them because you will be able to see better. I promise.

When it comes to makeup and glasses, here’s a few tips for you to help your eyes show up better when you’ve got your frames on:

Try applying a neutral color eye shadow like taupe or soft beige over your entire eyelid all the way to your brow. On the other hand, if you’re not afraid of a little color, try a soft shade of plum if you have green or hazel eyes, a soft rose color for blue eyes and a light golden or bronze shade for brown eyes. Finish with two coats of brown or black mascara and your eyes will show up beautifully! Feel free to add eyeliner in brown or deep plum and voila! Your fabulous eyes will show brilliantly through your stylin’ glasses!

~Shari Braendel


National Christian Image Consultant and Modesty Expert

More about Shari

From early childhood, Shari Braendel always had an eye for style. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and for the past several years has joined with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She now speaks nationally at Christian women's retreats, conferences, and youth events. Her focus is to remind each of us that we are beautiful, made in His image, exactly as He intended. She shares her knowledge and experience with practical style advice and tips on how to present our positive assets in a modest and feminine fashion.

She believes that your own personal style trumps the trends every time. Her advice: browse for the looks you love, but only buy the ones that love you back. And never get rid of anything you look great in! Always remember, fashion is fickle, but you can count on the fact that real beauty comes from within.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

:) I agree that it's wrong to think you look stupid in glasses.

But also, (I have eye problems so I have glasses) if you don't like glasses go to contacts!! I love them! They are amazing and recently I hurt my eye and forgot how much I appreciate contacts! (and how much I dislike how constricting glasses are)

The one problem I have come across with, with my glasses is that my side-ish bangs flair out (i call it winging) and then bend around the frame of my glasses and my only solution was to put my contacts in then straighten my hair, because it was driving me crazy.

So, my question for you is: is there a solution to this problem of mine? Or do I just "have to deal" with it?

Blogger Shari Braendel said...

It's really best to figure out what works for you. If this is something that happens to you every day, then go ahead and put your contacts in first then you won't have to deal with your hair framing your glasses. The only other option is to style your hair twice and that won't be any fun at all!

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