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By: Cara McLauchlan

“But when you pray, go into your room and close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret will reward you.” Matthew 6:6 (NIV)

The hideout was my favorite childhood spot. Constructed from plywood, my two older brothers and I spent an entire summer building our dream fort.

It was very elaborate for a tree house – it had an upstairs loft, a downstairs living area and makeshift bunks for sleeping. We wanted to make sure each of us had our own space and special storehouse for treasures. We even put in real windows and painted it to match our own home.

We would spend summer nights out there, saving up our money to buy “provisions” for camping out. Provisions usually consisted of the family pack of potato chips and tiny cereal box assortments. We slept in that thing rain or shine and spent many afternoons battling pretend attacking pirates.

The hideout worked well for camp outs, but later it was especially great if I needed to escape my mom and dad’s sometimes violent fights. I would go there to do my homework or if I just needed to be alone. As I grew older it became my thinking spot, my journaling place, and my safe haven.

I think of it now and realize everyone needs a hideout, a place to go to escape the world for awhile, to think, to pray, to talk with your Father. A place where you can be totally safe, completely protected and away from the world. A place to be alone with your thoughts and come to know who you are in Christ. A place to escape the attacks of worldly “pirates” trying to rob and steal your joy.

I no longer have my childhood hideout, but I carry it with me in my heart. Now, my hideout could simply be a closet, a quiet corner in the library or a peaceful garden. I can take a break from the world and talk to Jesus anywhere, anytime. The important thing is that I do take time to visit my hideout with Him. When I return, I come out lighter, freer and with a clearer head. It helps me set my day in the right frame of mind. My hideout time is an important reminder that I am set apart in Christ. That I am in the world, but do not have to be of the world. God will meet me wherever I’m at, even if it’s in the bathtub.

Dear Christ, Help me to know when I need to take time away from the world to be with You. Show me how I can make time to meet You in a special place. In Your name, Amen.

His Princess: Prayers to My King by Sheri Rose Shepherd

Totally God’s 4 Life: A Devotional by Megan Clinton

Think About It:
Where is your hideout?

What are some warning signs that remind you that it’s time to go to the hideout?

Live It:
List 5 places you can go to hideout from the world for a while to be with God.

Make a date to go there and spend some time with Him.

Power Verses:
“When Jesus heard what had happened, He withdrew by boat privately to a solitary place...” Matthew 14:13 (NIV)

“…Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Mark 6:31(NIV)

© 2010 by Cara McLauchlan. All rights reserved.


Tell Us About It:
Where is your hideout?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love going in the sanctuary of my church when there's no one in there. It's so peaceful and feels like home to me.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My hideout is, daily, my room where I have my quiet time, however I enjoy immensely taking walks on the weekends around my neighborhood and listening to the many birds and few people. These walks so often turn into prayer walks, though I am not even trying to commune with my heavenly Father He is so there I just start talking to Him! -Rachelle

Anonymous Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing. :-) Rachelle, I love taking walks outside too. And I love being at my church too, when I can find time by myself. It's cool how we can spend time with God in all kinds of places.

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