Praying for Haiti

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Life is filled with tons of things to pray for - family, friends, people who don't know Jesus, school, church, the United States and our government, and of course yourself and what's going on in your own life. But have you thought of praying for the world and current events happening around the world?

One of the biggest events being covered right now is the horrific earthquake in Haiti that occurred two and a half weeks ago. This earthquake is estimated to have killed at least 150,000 people, injured 194,000, and has left 1.5 million homeless.

If you haven't been watching the news, you may not have a sense of what conditions are like in Haiti. Even if you have, the images are still striking and heartbreaking.

The video below is footage of the aftermath of the earthquake. When you watch the video, pray for the people of Haiti. They need our prayers. Your prayers make a difference.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pray that all of the people in Haiti can get better and know more about the Lord.

Anonymous Kristen said...

That's a great prayer.

Another prayer request: I just heard on the news tonight that one of the biggest concerns right now is that people are selling orphaned Haitian children to make money. I pray God would protect them from all harm and evil and bring them into the path of people who will take care of them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So sad that people would actually do that but my old pastor went there on a mission trip went to the witch doctor and preached the gospel to him he actually believed him but said he had to keep the job because that was the only way he could make money
Sad....I keep praying.......daily

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