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Win a Copy of
Eyes Wide Open: Avoiding the Heartbreak of Emotional Promiscuity
by Brienne Murk!!!

A brief summary of the book:
In our postmodern world, we are so driven by our emotions that in living for the moment we’ve forgotten to guard our most precious treasure our hearts. Young people may not realize it, but acts that appear innocent such as e-mail and instant messages can entangle our emotions and lead the heart to places it should not go. Most people give their hearts away long before they give their bodies away, so it is imperative that young people learn the importance of emotional purity, how to avoid the steps that too often lead to a physical downfall and how to live pure lives. Reading Eyes Wide Open will give [you] the necessary keys for making decisions about purity, love and romance.

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3. Do you think purity is important? Why or why not?

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OpenID xobrowneyedgal said...

I think Purity is important because Jesus is pure. And as a Christian we strive to be pure, just like he is.

Blogger Siriana said...

Purity is extremely important...especially in today's world. Standards are falling, and girls especially are looking for love in all the wrong places. Purity is a reminder everyone needs.

Anonymous McKenna said...


Purity is something that should be valued, but it isn't. People always say they want to get most out of life, but is that really the case? Just like in the article people live for the moment and that's not always a good thing. When someone gives that precious gift away so many painful things come out of it. When you have to deal with the consequences it could be taking away those things you could have accomplished. Purity isn't just saving sex till's so much more then that.

Blogger emily said...

Purity is so important...I think we forget very quickly about emotional purity specifically. I've seen its effects on me and friends. This book sounds really neat!

Blogger Katie said...

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Blogger Katie said...

Purity is what makes us different from the ungodly world. It's one of the ways we show God that he is in control of our bodies, mind and soul. Through purity we prove that we are real children of GOD. In Galations 5:19 it says this.... This is what we have to keep ourselvs away from. Keeping our bodies clean and NOT giving our bodies to sinful people who try to steal our virginity, is our duty on earth. May we never forget that!

Anonymous Lola said...


I think purity is extremely important and not only sexual purity but also emotional and spiritual purity.

BarlowGirl is an example of that because they are great role models for girls and they show purity by not dating and saving themselves, which is a great decision because it's a great way not to give your heart away to the wrong person but give your heart to God while you're waiting.

And I think people usually make fun of purity rings, but they are a great reminder to just wait till that special person God has chosen for you

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