Lent ~ A Time for Reflection

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The church season of Lent is a time of preparation, the 40 days before the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Last Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, marked the beginning of this season. Lent is a time for reflection, confession and repentance – turning away from the things that have distracted us and turning back toward God.

Many Christians commit to giving up something during this season as an act of withholding or sacrifice for God, the One who gave all – His only Son Jesus Christ – for us.

When we give up something for God, we feel some of what Jesus felt when He sacrificed His life. It was a challenge, and yet He humbly and willingly gave up His life for the sake of ours. He was willing to endure the pain and difficulty that came with His sacrifice so that God might get greater glory and so we might have hope and a future.

To give up something during Lent, it doesn’t have to be some huge thing. It can be something simple like: listening to music, watching T.V., chocolate, French fries, your fav. Starbucks coffee, getting on Facebook, free time so you can spend more time with God … you name it. The point is that you want to give God all of yourself, including the thing that you love. You realize God is the giver of all things and you want to give up this one thing for Him because it really belongs to Him anyway. And it’s the least you can do considering the sacrifice He made for you.

What is it that you could let go of so you can draw closer to God during this season of Lent?

If you’re giving something up during the next six weeks, let us know what you’re doing to honor Jesus and remember His sacrifice for you. We’d love to pray for you as you go on this journey.

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