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As Valentine’s Day approaches our minds can go dreamy on us. You might have a dance or party to go to, or just a fun night out with friends to watch a movie. Whatever your plans, have fun with fashion and go RED!

Hit your closet (or your best friend’s!) and pull together an outfit that’s special. If you’re a dress-wearing girl, then find one to pair with a short sweater or fitted bolero-type jacket. If you’re wearing basic denim, consider rolling up the cuffs, boyfriend-style, and wear a graphic T-shirt with it. Decide to pull together an outfit that you typically wouldn’t wear (that’s where your BFF’s closet comes in handy!) and once you’ve got your outfit figured out, it’s time to add the RED.

First things first: what to wear on your feet! Red converse tennis shoes, red pumps, red sandals or red ballet flats? Once that’s decided, then look at your accessory options. You may need to take a trip to the mall or local Claire’s boutique or maybe even a discount store! You’ll be surprised how you can find terrific red accessories in a regular dollar store so you don’t have to pay a lot of money. You might even consider asking your mom or grandma for some vintage red pieces. How about a red bangle or pair of dangling earrings? Do you look sassy in hats? Find a cute one in red and wear it with confidence. How about a big red flower ring, scarf or bag?

The key to looking like Valentine’s Day didn’t just sneak up on you is to plan ahead of time. Purchase a bag of chocolate hearts and give them out to your friends. They’ll think you thought of everything! Have fun and show your style in your fabulous red things. Get ready for the compliments, though, because you’re sure to get lots of them!

Have a heart-filled, beautiful day!



National Christian Image Consultant and Modesty Expert

More about Shari

From early childhood, Shari Braendel always had an eye for style. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and for the past several years has joined with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She now speaks nationally at Christian women's retreats, conferences, and youth events. Her focus is to remind each of us that we are beautiful, made in His image, exactly as He intended. She shares her knowledge and experience with practical style advice and tips on how to present our positive assets in a modest and feminine fashion.

She believes that your own personal style trumps the trends every time. Her advice: browse for the looks you love, but only buy the ones that love you back. And never get rid of anything you look great in! Always remember, fashion is fickle, but you can count on the fact that real beauty comes from within.



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