Book Review & Giveaway!: For Such A Time As This by Lisa Ryan

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Esther. A great queen. A wonderful leader. And the main character in this book. In For Such a Time as This, former Miss California Lisa Ryan explains how you can be a modern-day Esther. Now you may be thinking, How can I act like Esther? She's just some dead queen. But in this book, Lisa Ryan shows that there is a way to be a modern-day Esther, even in today's secular world.

Being a modern-day Esther is a very hard thing. Today in our culture, we girls are up to our eyeballs in ads for makeup, lotions that will supposedly make us skinnier, and stick-thin Photoshopped women that may as well be clip art. But to be modern-day Esthers, we must rise above all that junk. Sure, there's nothing wrong with being pretty. God thinks all of us are strikingly beautiful just the way we are. Mandisa, one of my favorite artists, once said this: “I believe that someone's inner self can shine so brightly that it produces an intangible sense of beauty that cannot be explained. There is nothing wrong with getting my hair done and buying nice outfits. However, it is more important to spend quality time with God than with my manicurist. After all, what truly makes me beautiful is the presence of God inside me.” So, what's up with all this talk about beauty? In the book, there is a lot of beauty mentioned, probably because beauty is what got Esther the nice-looking crown in the first place.

The other really big thing Lisa emphasizes is courage and fear. You may think that courage is the absence of fear. Wrong! Courage is actually a result of fear. Here's a scenario: Okay, say you and I go skydiving (If you would never skydive, just imagine for a sec. Bear with me here). I have always been a thrill-seeker and love to go skydiving, so I have no fear. But say you are scared. You really want to do it, but the thought of being suspended several thousand feet in the air by a small piece of canvas frightens you! You see me, having fun, and you think, I wonder what that feels like? So you gather up all your courage, swallow your fear, and scream at the top of your lungs as you jump out of the helicopter and plummet down. See how courage happens because of fear? Without fear we aren't able to develop courage.

Courage. Strength. Fear. These are the things that brought Esther to her destiny: saving her people, the Jews. When you also find those qualities in yourself, reveal them, and wave them around shouting “YAHOO!”, then you too can become an Esther - of your generation.


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