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Psalm 51:12, “Restore to me the joy of Your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.” (NIV)

I had been on commitment overload the past few months and it was starting to take a toll on me. For weeks I had felt discouraged and downtrodden, but I couldn’t figure out what was wrong.

One morning my brother told me a dream he had about me the night before. In his dream, I had passed away, but was unaware that I was no longer living. I was smiling and laughing and even attended my own funeral, never once realizing that I was no longer alive. We laughed at such a silly dream (even though I secretly thought it was a little creepy). I scurried about my chores and checked my email, trying to put the disturbing dream out of my mind. I scanned my inbox and my eyes stopped on an email from my mother. It was a story about an 87-year-old woman who had decided to go to college because she had always dreamed of going. At the end of the semester, she gave a speech. As she concluded her speech, she provided a few secrets to staying young and happy and achieving success. One in particular stuck with me:

Laugh and find humor every day, for there are so many people walking around who are dead and don’t even know it.

Reading that point, my heart skipped a beat. I went back and read it again. How odd to hear that analogy twice in one morning! Suddenly tears came to my eyes and I felt the need to pray. It became clear why I had felt discouraged and my heart had been burdened lately. Although my body was alive, my heart was temporarily “dead.”

When was the last time I spent any quality time with Jesus, read God’s Word, or focused on sincere prayer? Although I had been going through the motions of my every day life, fulfilling all of my obligations and commitments, I felt dead inside. Empty.

I had so many blessings, but I had lost the joy of my salvation as I allowed the busyness, frustrations, anger and resentments of life to affect my heart. I praised God for speaking to me through my family.

Is it possible that your heart is “dead” today? Have you been carrying around a heavy heart and haven’t understood why? Just as our heart yearns for a loved one who is far away, our soul instinctively yearns for Christ. Every person is created with a special space in their heart that only God can fill. If you are feeling empty and burdened, what you have been trying to fill your heart with? Have you been searching for joy in school, friends, material items, your boyfriend, etc.? Those things will never quench the thirst our soul has for God’s love. Ask Him back into your heart today and focus on His grace and mercy, or invite Him into your heart for the first time and allow Him to fill that special place in your heart that is His alone.

Dear Lord, renew my salvation and bring back the joy in my heart that I once had. Cleanse my soul with Your grace and mercy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Power Verses:
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© 2008-2010 by Tracie Miles. All rights reserved.

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Blogger Tonya Ingram said...

I know that this blog is geared towards the young women, but it helps me tremendously with my walk with Christ. I think because I was sexually promiscuous at such a young age and missed my teenage years to be just that... a teenager... I feel like God is restoring me and calls me to be pure for my future husband. And reading these posts help me because I never knew how to be pure and be separated! Thank you.

Anonymous Kristen said...

Hi Tonya,

Thanks for your comment and for visiting our site! We're so glad God's working in a powerful way in your life and that we can be a part of that. Blessings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, that was exactly what I needed to hear today. Yesterday I had a similar epiphany, that I was letting myself be stretched too thin. I shut the door and opened my Bible and notebook and gave back to God the worries and stressers I had been allowing to rule me. Thank you for such a timely post.

Anonymous Kristen said...

I was in the same place too, even as recently as 2 weeks ago...stretched too thin, too busy & stressed out, missing joy.

I started beginning my day with God in prayer & listening to sermons on my iPod. I allowed Him to prioritize my day with what was most important.

What also helped was listening to music that turned my attention back to God throughout the day - it helped me to look up to Him in all situations rather than focusing on my situations themselves.

I also shared my struggles with friends who listened and prayed for me.

These 3 things God used to restore my joy and unclutter my life of the things that didn't really matter.

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