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I don’t know about you but I get spring fever this time of year! If you hit the mall you’ll begin seeing pretty dresses displayed in the store windows and lots of new trends showing up on mannequins and display racks.

I thought I’d treat you to a top ten list of goodies you can find that won’t break the bank…or at least will leave you with a little leftover babysitting money!

  • Take a trip to Goodwill and find a pair of straight leg jeans or skinny jeans that you can roll up with a wide cuff. You won’t have to worry about finding a pair that are long enough or “just the right” length because you’ll be rolling them up anyway! I’ll bet you can grab yourself a pair for about five bucks! Make sure you check out the boys department, too.

  • Go to Sephora.com and get a set of mascaras from Fresh. These mini wonders are 31/2 inches long and one curls your lashes while the other one adds volume! The set is $10.

  • Grab up a t-shirt with a St. Patrick’s Day clover! Target has them for 8 dollars.

  • Do you like to take bubble baths? Avon has a delicious one called Cherry Blossom Breeze for only $5.99. You might want to get an extra one and put it away for your mom for Mother’s Day.

  • While I’m on the subject of cherry flavor, try out the Chap Stick flavor called Classic Cherry. You’ll most likely find it for about $3.50 at any drug or discount store. And your lips will feel silky smooth!

  • Hands dry? Find a local Mary Kay consultant and get their wonderful hand cream. It’s only eight bucks and oh so good!

  • Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand gel is a must for any purse or pocket. You can get a 5-pack for five buckaroos!

  • Payless Shoe Store has great sunglasses for under $10. Two featured styles are Glam Rock and Maddie and both will have you stylin’.

  • CoverGirl Clean Eyes is a product that will safely remove your eye makeup. It’s important that you treat your eye area with care since there are no oil glands in your eye area. It’s about $4.50.

  • Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil will keep your nails and cuticle beds soft and smooth. You should use this at least once a week and you’ll find at most drug stores for about seven dollars.

It’s so fun to get a bargain and treat yourself at the same time! Until next time, be a blessing to those around you by showing your inner beauty on the outside … let it shine, girl!

Beautiful Blessings,


More about Shari

From early childhood, Shari Braendel always had an eye for style. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and for the past several years has joined with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She now speaks nationally at Christian women's retreats, conferences, and youth events. Her focus is to remind each of us that we are beautiful, made in His image, exactly as He intended. She shares her knowledge and experience with practical style advice and tips on how to present our positive assets in a modest and feminine fashion.

She believes that your own personal style trumps the trends every time. Her advice: browse for the looks you love, but only buy the ones that love you back. And never get rid of anything you look great in! Always remember, fashion is fickle, but you can count on the fact that real beauty comes from within.




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