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Kelly asked the question: What is the happy shoe between boots and sandals?

Basically, you can't show your toes yet cause it's still a bit chilly, but your boots are looking a little on the heavy side, yes?


My advice is to find that 'happy' medium ... couldn't resist using that word again! My advice is to go for a mule, a closed toed loafer type shoe or a fashionable tennis shoe like these:

The trend in footwear this spring is wedges. They are everywhere. Metallics are also big so if you can find a metallic wedge you will be in business!

Remember that if you are wearing open toed sandals then there are 2 big rules:

1. Always have pretty painted toes

2. Never wear hose with your open toes


Now here are some pretty pics to go with your spring wardrobe. Take a look at these super cute wedges. They will make any spring outfit look on-trend.

Here are some flats that still have a little bit of a wedge. Notice they are NOT platform flip flops. Of course, you ladies can still get by with wearing those. You can still wear flip flops, but they should be the cute variety! There's a place for regular flip flops, but it's for those very casual outfits and for days at the beach. Check these out:

Aren't these adorable?

Love you much,

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From early childhood, Shari Braendel always had an eye for style. She earned a degree in Fashion Merchandising, and for the past several years has joined with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She now speaks nationally at Christian women's retreats, conferences, and youth events. Her focus is to remind each of us that we are beautiful, made in His image, exactly as He intended. She shares her knowledge and experience with practical style advice and tips on how to present our positive assets in a modest and feminine fashion.

She believes that your own personal style trumps the trends every time. Her advice: browse for the looks you love, but only buy the ones that love you back. And never get rid of anything you look great in! Always remember, fashion is fickle, but you can count on the fact that real beauty comes from within.

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